4 Things About kenwooi.com You May Not Know

4 Things About kenwooi.com You May Not Know

Today, kenwooi.com has been around for quite some time. It has been fun creating content for this blog and watching it grow throughout the years.

kenwooi namecard

Thanks to this tiny little space on the Internet, I’ve gotten various opportunities and experiences which would have never happened if I didn’t blog.

Well, I’m gonna share with you 4 things that you may or may not (most probably may not) know about kenwooi.com…


1) The 4 commenters with the most number of comments (all time) are…

blog commenter

At top spot, Suituapui with 295 comments. Followed by Foongpc with 231 comments and Small Kucing with 213 comments. Finally, at fourth place is Claire with 179 comments.

They may be the top commenters, but I always welcome and appreciate comments by everyone. Psst… I love reading comments! ;)


2) The 4 blog entries with the most comments (all time) are…

1st place – Project Alpha: kennysia.com VS kenwooi.com with 236 comments.

kenwooi kennysia

Published back in 2009, many used to compare me with Kenny Sia – especially my humorous writing style. Some claimed that I’m imitating him, but being true to myself – that’s just the way I roll.

2nd place – How To Be Famous Female Blogger with 218 comments.

sexy girl

I always wondered – how do female bloggers get so famous when their blog entries rarely have any substance. But amazingly, I discovered 10 simple ways to be a famous female blogger.

3rd place – About Me with 181 comments.

masturbation motivational poster

Also in 2009, this is probably the most personal entry I’ve ever written. It’s about myself and a little insight to who I am. But since it’s already 2012 now, I guess it’s outdated. Perhaps a new “About Me”?

4th place – McAwesome Burger With McValue Lunch with 177 comments.

mcdonald mcawesome burger

This blog entry is my first ever participation in a blogging contest. The prize – an Apple iPhone 3G. But as usual, luck doesn’t come my way when it comes to winning prizes via blogging. I suck at it.


3) The 4 most viewed blog entries (all time) are…

1st place – Boobs Awareness Entry with 11.3k+ views.

breast self exam

Ladies, learn how to examine your boobs with a step-by-step demonstration by Barbie! Guys, you can learn and perform on your wife, girlfriend or mistress too! ;)

2nd place – Malacca Jonker Walk: Food and Photos with 8.8k+ views.

malacca durian cendol

How can we not love the food from Malacca? It’s one of the best places to savour on delicious local Malaysian food.

3rd place – Welcome To London with 8.5k+ views.

london double decker bus

I visited London back in 2009. Loved the place and I really wish to visit London again!

4th place – Manchester United’s Old Trafford Tour Experience with 7.6k+ views.

inside old trafford stadium

Also part of my United Kingdom trip, the stadium tour at Manchester United’s Old Trafford was a memorable one. Well, I’m an MU fan – but not a hardcore one. :D


4) The 4 is a number (only this time) for kenwooi.com’s birthday! Yes, it’s kenwooi.com’s 4th Birthday!

This year, I have 2 birthday gifts for the blog. First, a brand new blog template (the one you’re looking right now). The last time kenwooi.com’s template got changed was back in 2010 when it celebrated its 2nd Birthday. :)


secret recipe box

A birthday cake from Secret Recipe!

For your info, kenwooi.com loves Secret Recipe cakes. That’s why I always buy one every time it gets older by a year.

This year, it’s the Oreo Cheese cake! ;)

secret recipe oreo cheese

My beloved kenwooi.com, it has been 4 years (and still counting). Many things have changed for the better throughout the years, and it has definitely been a great experience so far.

May you have more blog entries. Happy 4th Birthday kenwooi.com! :)


I don’t know where to fit this into this entry, but since it’s a tradition – I always post up the traffic statistics of kenwooi.com at this time of the year.

blog traffic stats

By comparing it to the previous years, the blog traffic has undoubtedly improved. I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without the readers – thanks to you all. :)

So before I end, what do you think of the new template on kenwooi.com? Comments please! :D

35 thoughts on “4 Things About kenwooi.com You May Not Know

  1. Ahaaaaa!!!! I’m No. 1!!!! Remember me when you’re famous, k? Hey!!! You’re ALREADY famous, Ken!!! Keep it up, keep up your good work.

  2. new template, and more insights on who kenwooi really is :) ..

    Pretty good, but why the change of the widget from right to left? a change of view eh? :)

    will continue supporting you bro. :)

  3. Me one of the top commenters??

    Anyway, coz all the hard work that you put into your blog that makes readers kept coming. You have got a lot of silent readers too.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Loving this template a thousand times more! Looks way more professional. Aha and my my, you’ve come such a long way! Congrats!! :)

  5. Shocked-ed when I saw my name there! lol.. now only I realize I came by so many times! Well, your blog is so interesting, how not to come..
    Happy 4th Anniversary, Kenwooi!

    Mine is also around your time.. 2008…

  6. Wow! It’s been four years? Time flies. It reminds me of the first time i met you at bloggerunited and you do well along the years. Good job ken! :)
    Thank you too for the posts we did together last year. It’s still my high hits (about boobs and men). Haha.. Keep it up and happy birthday kenwooi.com

  7. FOUR years! Whoa.. and you are already super fehmes! i got a feeling this year will be so much more awesomer for you! Happy 4th bday kenwooi.com :)

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