Bare Your Heart & Soul With Kenny G

Bare Your Heart & Soul With Kenny G

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, known by his stage name Kenny G, is a phenomenal star to me.

Know why? It’s because I’m a saxophonist myself – like Kenny G! Oh wait, not exactly like him or else I’d be as talented and as famous as him.

But the point is, I own a Soprano Saxophone and I play the saxophone! Yes, I OWN one! :)

A-hah! Paps bought it for me during my years in the high school marching band. It has been 8 years, and it’s still my loyal expensive piece of metal saxophone! :D

Being a saxophonist, I always aspire to be a top musician – someday where I could be performing professionally in front of an audience.

And yes – Kenny G was, and still is, my idol. I’ve been listening to him, even before I started playing the saxophone. He is the saxophone star!

Know what, even our names start the same – Ken and Kenny. Back in school, some friends called me Kenny W because I play the Soprano Saxophone. W stands for Wooi, of course. ;)

After leaving school, that “saxy fire” in me didn’t fade off as I continue playing in the university’s concert band.

During that time, my enthusiasm stayed on. Making music was fun.

Furthermore, I was involved in numerous performance – one of the them was performing Kenny G’s very own The Moment with a keyboard accompaniment. Watch it…

How is it? :D

Yeah, despite not sounding as good as Kenny G’s rendition, it was really fun to be performing The Moment weh!

You may not know this, but music used to be my passion, it’s just that I don’t have the avenue to display that. Ever since I started working, the opportunity seems far-fetched.

But the interest in saxophone has always been in me. I believe that Kenny G is an inspiration to my passion with saxophone. His musical pieces such as Forever In Love, Songbird and The Moment would serenade my mind.

Whenever I have time, I watch performances by Kenny G on Youtube.

He’s just amazing no matter what. His rhythm, intonation and articulation are just flawless and beautiful. In every song he performs, he tells a tale in a unique melody. Simply phenomenal, I should say. :D

Oh yeah, I have a collection of music CDs by Kenny G as well.

Listening to Kenny G’s masterpieces is just amazing. They never fail to mesmerize me, and I always hope to be as good as him – simply because he’s a remarkable talent!

Since I have a saxophone, I sometimes play along with Kenny G’s music – thinking that I’m on an imaginary duet with him. ;)

This is true, especially The Moment – it’s such a wonderful song. There was a moment when I was so in love with this musical piece that I kept listening to it.

Other than that, I listen to Kenny G while hugging my saxophone to sleep.

His music is my bedtime story.

Anyway, it’s been long since I last played my Soprano Saxophone. But when I do, I will play with my heart and soul, and this is how I look…

Expressive and stylish enough not? ;)

And this is how Kenny G’s Heart & Soul Concert in Malaysia poster look…

Wah, notice the similarity?! Like Kenny, like Ken!

Minus the suit and the bushy hair lah – other than that, look how phenomenal Kenny G has been to me! I could be his brother weh. We could duet all night long! :P

Well, my dream of being a musician didn’t materialize – but Nuffnang, please materialize my dream of watching my idol live in Malaysia!


Hey, you should so hear the sound when I blew my saxophone in this photo.

Coz it sounded like…


P/S: The soprano saxophone is almost similar to a vuvuzela, just more sophisticated. ;)


Update: YES, I GOT IT! :D

Concert entry updated! Read here – Kenny G “Heart & Soul” Concert in Malaysia 2012.

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  1. Geng worrrr!! But u need to put more emotion when u’re playing. Then will “lam” all the girls out there already. hehe

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