How I Use Facebook

How I Use Facebook

Facebook, without a doubt, is the most used social networking service worldwide. Almost everyone uses Facebook nowadays.

facebook homepage

Particularly in Malaysia, it was reported that Malaysians have the most Facebook friends and we spend the most time online as compared to other countries. Malaysian sure Boleh eh? ;)

The fact is, we are all Facebook addicts – in a way. Wherever we go, Facebook is there no matter what. If you’ve something to do, there’s no harm surfing Facebook. And when you’ve nothing to do, Facebook is the boredom relief.

The thing is… things could be really fun on Facebook. So, how can you not use it right?

how i use facebook

So today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna expose to you… how I use Facebook.


It starts by logging into my Facebook account.

facebook log in

Enter the account email and password. Easy peasy.

Once logged in, first thing to do is to check the new notifications.

facebook notification

Friend requests, private messages and notifications – just click to see updates and what’s happening around.

Then, write an interesting statement on my Facebook wall.

facebook status update

Interesting enough not?

After that, like a couple of status updates, links or any photos from friends.

facebook like

Whatever it is, just like it – Facebook style!

When new notification comes in, reply to comments.

facebook reply comment

Told ya it’s interesting. Got response from people leh! :D

If there’s extra time, check out friends’ birthdays and casually wish them as if I remembered.

facebook birthday wish

Adrian Bieber must be touched by my birthday wish. I’m such a great friend that I actually remembered and took that effort to wish him… on Facebook. Yay?

Afterwards, view some photos.

facebook photo viewer

Looking at myself run with the hands raised up in the air is… awkward. :/

Once I’m over with the personal matters, it’s time to check out’s Facebook Page. Have you liked it? Like it! ;)

facebook page timeline

I like that big lizard on the page cover. Rawr!

Scroll down and read new comments, if there’s any.

facebook status

Okay no comments. Just some “likes”. I iz sad.

Then, update timeline with the latest blog entry from

facebook update

I’m always curious – let’s say… if I don’t update the Facebook page, will anyone even notice the new blog update?

Anyway, once in a while… spot profiles of hot babes.

facebook cute girl

Hey, spotted one! She’s cute, and oh wow… nice asset! Michelle QQ, she is!

Click on her name and check out her profile.

facebook cute girl profile

Should I add her as friend first? No wait, that sounds desperate and not gentlemanly.

The next step should be sending her a message! :D

facebook message

Eh hold on, this is too much exposure on my Facebook activities! Oh no!

I guess it’s enough already. So, this is pretty much how I use Facebook. Kthxbai!

P/S: For more noob insights into the works of, facebook the Facebook Page now! See you on the other side. ;)

18 thoughts on “How I Use Facebook

  1. “If there’s extra time, check out friends’ birthdays and casually wish them as if I remembered.”

    Lol. So now we know the sincerity of those who wish you happy birthday on facebook don’t we? *wink*

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