How I Use Twitter

How I Use Twitter

Since I’ve talked about how I use Facebook, it’s also appropriate to showcase how I use another favourite social networking media of mine – Twitter!

twitter homepage

People call it micro-blogging, but till today, I still can’t see the relation between blogging and using Twitter.

Nevertheless, I’ve been using Twitter for 3 years. To some, they may prefer Twitter over Facebook because of its simplicity. For me, I’m pretty much neutral.

The thing is… Twitter could be fun too. How can you not use it right?

how i use twitter

So this time, ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna show you… how I use Twitter.


Firstly, log into my Twitter account.

twitter log in

Well, normally I don’t have to log in when I’m on Tweetdeck – a social media dashboard application for Twitter. It’s convenient – check it out if you haven’t.

Oh wait, have you followed me? ;)

Alright, after that, the usual tweet-browsing on the timeline.

twitter profile blue

Tweets normally consist of information, updates and conversations – occasionally view shared links, photos and videos.

Then, compose an interesting tweet.

twitter tweet

Once done, tweet it!

Wait for a while, then check if there is any interaction.

twitter interations

Oh, there is! Thank you Davis Chai, Elaine Chan, Agnes Yong and Joash Choo for responding to my lame tweet. :)

Then, reply to some tweets.

twitter reply

Davis asked me to tweet him back, so I did. ;)

Also, participate in top trends.

twitter trend tweet

Well, I rarely do that though.

Most of the time, schedule tweets for the day, or whenever I want to tweet but don’t have a computer with me. I’m smartphone-less, remember?

twitter schedule tweet

This is probably a constant habit of mine – I like to schedule tweets. It can be done with Tweetdeck. It’s fun!

And sometimes, delete older and unnecessary tweets.

twitter delete

Hmm… am I the only one deleting certain old tweets to reduce the tweet count, while the rest aim to hit more tweets?

Anyway, once in a while… search Twitter profiles of hot babes.

twitter search

Oh wait, that’s Michele QQ right? I saw her on Facebook too weh! :D

Click on her profile link to check her tweets.

twitter profile pink

Oh, it’s public. YES! Read some of her tweets first, and see whether she’s interesting or not. Her tweets sound sexy! ;)

If she’s interesting and sexy, follow her!

twitter follow

If she’s not interesting, ignore and maybe head back to Facebook.

Oh wait, one last one – check Direct Messages and reply if necessary.

twitter direct message

Crap, how does he know that I was doing that?! Oh no, he has exposed my stalking activities on Twitter! o.O

Okay, that’s enough for now. So, this is how I use Twitter. Kthxbai!

P/S: For more instant and personal thoughts from me, tweet me @kenwooi! See you on a tree branch. Tweet! ;)

17 thoughts on “How I Use Twitter

  1. Oh! No wonder u never reply my tweets. At first I thought how come so lansi. Now I know – u dun have a smartphone. Time to get one lah : )

  2. So u schedule tweets all the time? Aiya! That takes the fun out of tweeting. Tweeting is all about NOW, the present, not the future. Didn’t watch Kungfu Panda? Hahaha!! Sometimes I schedule tweets also but usually I don’t : )

  3. if can i also wanna delete all my ads and old blog post tweets but i don’t have so much time for that oh :( should hire u to do it! 1 cent for 100 tweets :P

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