Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert in Malaysia 2012

Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert in Malaysia 2012

Finally, I watched Kenny G perform *LIVE* with my very own eyes for the first time at his “Heart & Soul” Concert in Genting Highlands!

Super excited! :D

kenny g concert tickets

For the uninitiated, I won tickets to watch the concert! Click here to read my participation entry. Gotta thank Nuffnang for giving such opportunities! :D

Well, Genting Highlands is one of my favourite places to go to in Malaysia. It’s cool (although not as cool anymore), a fun getaway from the busy city and I get to see the saxophone idol perform!

genting arena of stars

It was held at the Arena of Stars on a Saturday night. So once we were there, we proceeded to the hall.

By the way, no cameras were allowed but hey, I had to do what I had to do. What’s like for a blogger to be at a concert without a camera right? ;)

So yeah, as we approach the hall, I can’t help but notice – OH MY, KENNY G IS JUST THERE!

kenny g concert

*fanboy screams and jumps around*

Okay, I did not. But still, many others were queueing up to get his autograph while some others were lifting their camera phones to take up-close photos of famous saxophonist.

Occasionally, there were security guards who thought we were taking their photos instead…

genting security guard

Eh… wave what wave? You’re not the superstar lah. We actually wanna take photos of Kenny G instead weh.

Anyway, we entered the hall and took our seats.

genting arena of stars hall

The audience were simply amazing. Apparently the concert was a sold out, and despite winning the tickets – my seat was situated at the very last row.

Nevertheless, the view was good as the stage wasn’t that far away.

After waiting for a while, Kenny G appeared in the middle of the audience – performing his opening masterpiece while gradually walking towards the stage.

kenny g live alto

He started on a strong note, piercing through the melody with ample expression and feeling. I was in awe – I get to listen to Kenny G play live!

As expected, the whole concert hall was filled with cheers and applauses.

kenny g live soprano

Throughout the night, Kenny G performed with 3 different types of saxophone – the soprano saxophone, the alto saxophone and the tenor saxophone.

Amazingly enough, the sound produced doesn’t differ whenever he changes saxophones.

kenny g live tenor

Well, he’s Kenny G anyway – he’s amongst the elite of saxophonists, if not the best. :)

kenny g live soprano sax

Kenny G performed a couple of musical pieces – notably Heart & Soul, Songbird, What A Wonderful World and yes, The Moment!

I know my own short version of The Moment wasn’t all that great, but here is Kenny G’s live performance of The Moment that night!

Simply fascinating! I finally get to listen to him play my favourite Kenny G song with my very own ears! His live performance wasn’t even different from the album version! :D

I gotta say, Kenny G was really mesmerizing throughout the concert.

kenny g live tenor sax

He was expressive, animated and well – simply Kenny G! :D

Anyway, I also managed to purchase Kenny G’s Heart & Soul album on that night itself.

kenny g heart and soul album

I’m not sure about the retail price, but it cost me RM45.

It may be slightly expensive, but it’s NEVER expensive when it comes together with…

kenny g autograph


That’s not all, after Kenny G signed my CD, I raised my hand hoping that I could get a handshake with the superstar.

The usher said “No handshake, sorry, no handshake” when I did that gesture but Kenny G responded by holding my hand for just a second!

right hand

Ahhhh…. Kenny G touched this hand weh! He TOUCHED my hand – MY RIGHT HAND! How awesome is that? OMGWTFBBQ! :D

Know what, I’m not gonna wash it. Ever!


By the way, despite the strict “No Recording” rule but towards the end of the show, rules are eventually meant to be broken. ;)

Here’s another encore song – My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) – the 2nd last performance of Kenny G’s “Heart & Soul” Concert in Malaysia.

Are you mesmerized? I sure was!

26 thoughts on “Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert in Malaysia 2012

  1. Wowww i Really Love Kenny G since im childhood until im getting old ahahha……..!!!! his awesome..Love him Love him ~~~ ahah nway i love to touch ur hand too cos it kenny G hand still remain there LOL :P

  2. HOMIGOD! I’m so jealous of you. Kenny G is the greatest saxophonist the world has ever produced. Why didn’t I know about him coming to Malaysia hoh? So ketinggalan la me. I hope he’s coming again some day. :-(

  3. How u bring ur cam go in? This should be 200mm-300mm zoom lens.. I hide my body n 70-300 inside my jacket… Damn hard to take photo since they x allow n kip flashing their torch to those who taking photo.. I kena few times till las the gal jus stand on the same row wit me n jus aim me..
    Overall.. Reali a awesome night .. Worth to pay for it….

  4. I really enjoy reading ur blog, and i’m a big fan of Kenny G too. Listening to Heart and Soul can actually make me cry and i don’t even know whyyy! i just love that song. And i think i’ve purchased more than 10 copies of this album as gift for friends and family.

    I’m playing violin but i’m thinking to learn saxophone, soprano i mean. I used to play tenor when i was in secondary school marching band but i cant bear with the weight. too heavy for me. May i have ur advice please? :) alto or soprano? (honestly i don’t think i can play it anymore, it was almost 10 years ago !!! LOL)

      1. now only I see ur reply. XP anyway THANK U!!!! <3 I'll reconsider it. :)

        you know what, after reading ur blog about the Kenny G’s concert in Genting, I checked on internet and he is coming to Seoul three days after concert in Malaysia!! so immediately I booked a ticket, and finally I’m gonna watch him in person tonight!!! YAY!!! <3 *though I'm gonna starve myself for about two weeks after the concert*

  5. May I know do you have more picture on that day,especially about that lady went up to stage.thank you….

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