Mum, You Know I Love You Right?

Mum, You Know I Love You Right?

Mum, you may have been treated as a maid, a chauffeur, a cook, a banker and many others – but one thing for sure is that, you are always loved.

No words can exactly describe how I feel for you. Your unconditional love, care and guidance have always been meaningful and significant.

Thank you for everything (excluding rotan sessions and CANNOT-this-CANNOT-that when I was younger) you’ve done for me. You’re indeed a wonderful mum, and a great friend!

Therefore, on this very day, I would like to say…

i band sign

love hand sign

you hand sign

Get it?

Mum, since I’ve said that – can you do me a favour now?

Can you… send some money over to me? Slightly tight on cash lah…

please hand sign

Pretty please? ;)

I’m sending you a text with my bank account number now… wait for it… okay, you’ve got text! :D

Anyway, would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. They’re definitely the Queen of our hearts!


On the other side of the world: A Gift for the Modern Mum!

A few pals and I made another short video in-conjunction with Mother’s Day. The interesting thing is… I played the main role! *pops confetti*

Uhh… Not impressed? Never mind, I take back that excitement. Pfftt!

Anyway, I may not be super expressive, and this Mother’s Day short film ain’t a drama. But watch and tell me what you think!

No matter how busy our lives are, she’s the one that we all want to spend our time with. Especially, on a special occasion like this – Happy Mother’s Day!

13 thoughts on “Mum, You Know I Love You Right?

  1. If I were your mom, I would give you a supplementary credit card soonest.. this post touches my heart! Your mom will surely be most happy too now despite the CASH part! hahahaa…

  2. Are you good at BIM? How did you learn those sign language? Learn yourself or attend sign language class?

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