10 Things I’ll NEVER Do To My Body

10 Things I’ll NEVER Do To My Body

The one thing we’re certainly in control is none other than our own body. Love it, hate it – the body is there for us to manage.

spy white shirt

Do whatever you want to your body, it’s entirely up to yourself. And as for myself, despite wanting my body to experience as much as it could, there are some things that I will refrain from doing.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these are 10 things that I will never, EVER, do to my own body…


1) Dye the hair.

black hair

All my life, I’ve never dyed my hair before. It has been this color ever since I was brought to life. I like it being natural.

2) Insane hairdo.

messy hairstyle

I’m pretty much comfortable with how my hair look. Oh hold on, the hairstyle above is NOT my hairstyle alright.

When I was 9, I’ve shaved my head “military style” before – when it was a rule in school for the boys. But still, it wasn’t a crazy hairdo. I think a Mohawk style is.

3) Piercing.

blood donation injection

Getting injected (for blood donation, for example) is fine, but getting pierced is not fine. So far, I’ve no man-made holes on my body, and will never have.

4) Tattoo.

butterfly tattoo

Have all the tattoos you want, but I’ll never be impressed.

The reason is simple – I’m not a fan of tattoos. Furthermore, I can’t bear the pain (it looks painful) during the process of imprinting ink under the skin. Ouch?

5) Contact lens.

contact lens

I’ve been wearing glasses since young. However, it could be troublesome especially when doing physical activities. Some suggested that I should get contact lens, but hey – I don’t dare touch my eyeballs!

6) Wax body hair.

leg hair

Being a Chinese guy, the hair growth on my body isn’t excessive. Therefore, waxing the hair off is just unnecessary.

7) Self-inflicted injury.

white knife

Some people can – they can inflict physical injury onto themselves. But I can’t, I can’t possibly take a knife and slit myself, or even jump down from a building and break a leg.

Oh wait, I’ve actually performed a mini ‘surgery’ on my feet before…

foot corn blood

Surely looked injured and it was damn painful. But I had to remove the stubborn foot corn as it was really annoying! Glad it recovered. ;)

But hey, I’d love to experience how it feels to be shot (with a gun) on the thigh. I’m nuts, I know. :P

8) Plastic surgery.

plastic on head

Why in the world would I ever perform a plastic surgery? HANDSOME ALREADY WHAT!

9) Penis enlargement.

pinky finger

Mine’s big and long enough. Enough said! Heh! ;)

10) Breast implant.

breast implant silicone

As much as I like boobs, I can’t accept having them on myself. I’m a dude, and it’s best to admire those lovely natural boobs on the ladies.


So there you go, 10 things that I will never do to my own beloved body. What about you? ;)

But you know what, when I think of it – having boobies on myself is quite…


Wow look, nice boob job! Plus, amazing plastic surgery!

sexy cleavage

But but… KENNOT WEH! It’s so disturbing! :S

Disclaimer: No body parts of Ken were harmed during the making of this entry, especially Ken’s manly chest.

21 thoughts on “10 Things I’ll NEVER Do To My Body

  1. Oh. Oh gawd. You owe me lunch, sir. My last one is now all over the floor.

    I thought I’d come over and see the work of a far more successful blogger than me – and instead I get a picture of you with boobs.

    I do some pretty bad photoshopping on my site, but none of it’s this vomit-inducing*!

    *I’m joking, it’s worse. I’ll be back!

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