Open Letter To Ken Wooi From A “Reader”

Open Letter To Ken Wooi From A “Reader”

Dear Ken Wooi the Blogger,

I have some things I’d like to share with you and get off my mind. I hope you’ll take note of the following points so that we can both have a healthy relationship going forward:

white envelope

  1. There are a lot of things I have to do. I visit your blog because it is interesting, it is funny, it is silly, or all of the above. Please don’t waste my time with uninteresting posts. If you really don’t have anything good, it’s probably better to not post anything.
  2. Your posts are most interesting, funny and silly when you don’t wander off. One good example of wandering off is writing Food Reviews. You suck at that, and that makes you so not you. That’s not the purpose of reading your blog in the first place.
  3. You only get this many chances to deliver. If you promise something good, please don’t disappoint me because, like I mentioned before, I have a lot of things to do and I don’t have a lot of time to do the things I like – like reading great blogs.
  4. You may fool everyone else with your advertorials. If you don’t label your blog post as “Advertorial” and I find out about it, you can be sure I will read your posts with caution and this may be the last time I visit your blog.
  5. Regarding your Kenwooi News Network (KNN aka Kanina) parodies, you shouldn’t pretend to be smart by writing senseless explanations. It’s obvious that you really don’t know, and you may be detained by the ISA for talking about Malaysia and its government.
  6. On your About page, could you put a real photo of yourself instead of that cartoon drawing? Your blog is not a comic blog so don’t bother featuring that. Furthermore, a real photo will make the page more personal.
  7. I don’t like the orange color of your blog. You may think it’s unique, but it doesn’t look like a professional website at all. To some, maybe it could look childish.
  8. There are too many occurrence, or perhaps promotion, of your Facebook Page and Twitter – there, here and everywhere. If I like your blog, I’ll like your Facebook Page. If I like you, I’ll follow your Twitter. Don’t waste my bandwidth loading such unnecessary widgets. Not many care because you’re not famous anyway.
  9. You don’t reply to my comments whenever I comment. That’s a bad example of maintaining the relationship with your readers. The number of comments on your blog will gradually plummet because of this, and I noticed it already.

That’s all for now. I wish you all the best and keep up the good blogging effort.

Your Loyal “Reader”

35 thoughts on “Open Letter To Ken Wooi From A “Reader”

  1. Dear Loyal “Reader”,

    I would like to thank you for speaking out your mind. I may not be an A-listed blogger but I will strive on your positive criticisms to become one. But I would like to provide answers to your points.

    1. You may expect all of my blog entries to be interesting, funny, silly, or all of the above. But the truth is, it’s quite taxing to continuously come up with such ideas. Breaks in between are necessary for ideas to spark.
    2. This is a personal space of mine. As much as I want to keep it relevant, I may be subjected to write food reviews (in my own style of course) because, yeah, I sort of ate free food? If you know what I mean. But not to worry, such posts aren’t frequent and I’d greatly appreciate if you could bear with that for a bit.
    3. I always try my utmost best to write as good as I can. But I’m not a full-time blogger, so could you cut me some slack? I’ll greatly appreciate it.
    4. If you haven’t noticed, I always tag “Sponsored Entries” at the bottom of all the advertorial posts. Whenever it’s an advertorial, I always try to personalize it, instead of making an advertisement board.
    5. I guess some parodies on our interesting country may be fun, and I don’t claim that what I wrote is true. It’s entirely up to the readers to either enjoy it with a sense of humour, or ignore it. If ISA were to come after me, I’ll leave the country. Wait… okay, maybe not.
    6. Yes, I’ve gotten that suggestion numerous times. Some even suggested that I put my own face on the blog header. However, I’ve been revealing my face on the blog posts so often and there’s no need for extra appearances of my face anywhere else.
    7. I’m not sure why I picked orange in the first place, but it’s a fun theme for For long-time readers, they may have learned to relate my blog with the color. But for newcomers, I suppose they need some time getting used to.
    8. I believe that the occurrence of my Facebook Page and Twitter widgets are at moderation. It’s here and there, but definitely not everywhere. Yes, I may not be famous and I don’t expect people to like or follow me either. Nevertheless, it’s their choice.
    9. Comments are always welcomed and although I rarely reply, I always enjoy reading them. Yes, the number of comments have dropped tremendously but I always believe in genuine comments.

    That’s all from me and I hope that clarifies. Thank you for the wonderful support and I’m looking forward to us having a healthy relationship.

    Ken Wooi the Blogger

    1. Continue blogging because you love it.

      I firmly believe that blogging shouldn’t be dictated by the readers as it’s meant to be personal and close.


      1. Continue the effort bro.. don’t let this put you down. I’ve been slowing down a bit lately too, but I have my reasons, mainly to build up a lovelier relationship with the wifey :)

        No matter what, we’re always here for you k.

  2. Wow! Looks like you have a loyal reader who is not afraid to speak his/her mind! I agree with his/her food review point at no.2, but I also understand why you want to do it, based on your reply. In any case, you do what you want with your blog. Cos it’s your blog! : )

  3. You kept your calm, very good. It’s not something I could do. I would’ve used every F word available on my mind to reply such a comment. But seems like he/she really was pissed off for some reason. Otherwise the fella won’t spend so much time writing such a long “letter” of complaint as though he/she dined at some restaurant.

  4. a good and calm reply. Guess you can’t please everyone. Anyway, I like Orange colour. It’s a happy colour.

  5. Dear Ken,
    Just be whatever u wanna be and write whatever u wanna write (responsibly) =) after all, the biggest fan is always urself! 10 yrs down the road and u read back ur 1st blogpost, its the satisfaction that matters.

  6. The way u response to the letter surprise me that you din show any anger but answer it well.. ya, u r not a full time blogger but i would rate your blog an A.. :)

  7. Well, you can’t please all the readers needs and wants but be yourself is the best part. I don’t mind with orange colour cause when I think of orange (the colour and fruits too), I think of kenwooi. Yeah, continue to blog what you want. You did not force anyone to read your blog, right?

  8. I think the reader is slightly ignorant to the fast that this is not a commercial blog professional website. I don’t see the point of having a cartoon character as avatar being wrong. It’s still a personal blog. And your pictures on this blog is almost everywhere so it’s not enough to show it’s a personal blog meh? lol

    this fella thought as though ur blog is to provide solely for his/her entertainment only and not others.

    Rule no.1 of being a blogger: don’t blog for others but yourself.

  9. Sorry to say at 1st I look at title, it’s seem like you are the one who wrote letter and then answer it yourself. But after finish reading all, it seem it really a real reader letter. That reader sure is your big fans lo!!! voice out a very detail opinion…

  10. wow..what a nice Dear John/Dear Ken letter.. I havent received one long letter like this before.. lol.. seems you have a loyal reader there.. well, as bloggers, we cannot please everyone.. but we do listen to constructive comments.. :)

  11. Wow! Long and detailed letter. Must have spent sometime to write it all out. But really, a non-full time blogger usually writes because they like it. So keep it up. Comments will always be there to those ‘loyal’ readers that you have. People would tend to comment if they think it’s worthwhile.

  12. that’s a long letter:D

    i love the way you blog and your contents. keep it up, write what tickles your fancy. and food post are welcomed. interesting to see your take at the food you eat:P

  13. Hahaha! A very detailed complaint from your loyal reader, Ken. Like Tony said, I would’ve replied him/her in another way if I were you because I would feel as if the reader didn’t think of the fact that it’s MY blog and that I blog whatever I want, in my very own way. But oh well! It’s after all your blog. I believe everyone will continue to support you no matter how. Keep it up! :D

  14. Kenwooi has always been an interactive blogger, eventhough he might not respond to comments on his own blog, he does take time to visit many blogs (even the not so famous ones) and comments sincerely. I believe that’s a very good quality and shows that his just a regular joe and not a diva like some bloggers. Don’t change your style Ken #KenWooiNextPM

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