Slimming Quest at Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

Slimming Quest at Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

Paradigm Mall – the new shopping mall in town, Kelana Jaya to be exact. Honestly, I find it hard to pronounce “Paradigm” Mall. Sometimes it goes “Parady-gum”, or I may have called it… Pedigree Mall.


paradigm mall logo

Anyway, Paradigm Mall is situated along LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong), and it’s really hard to miss it whenever you drive along the LDP highway.

Since it’s new, and being a true Malaysian, I thought of checking the mall out over the weekend.

But that wasn’t the main purpose. The journey to Paradigm Mall was actually because of this advertisement…

paradigm mall advertisement

Yeah, it was because of this “Free Slimming Treats at Paradigm Mall” bunting. Despite losing 10kg earlier, I have put on weight recently (due to food, duh). Therefore, it’d be nice to get a free slimming session. Take note – FREE!

So off we go! Let’s go to the mall! :D

paradigm mall sign

Upon reaching Paradigm, I noticed how convenient it is to enter into the parking area from LDP. New roads were constructed to accommodate the ease of entry to the mall for the customers.

paradigm mall parking

After parking (which is free for now – typical technique to get people to visit), we proceeded into the brand new mall.

Oh before I continue, I would like to highlight that there’s no phone reception for Maxis at the basement parking area and lower ground floors at Paradigm Mall.

paradigm mall no line

Isn’t it a little risky especially when we need to make urgent and important calls?

Anyway, once in the mall, the first thing to do is to check the mall directory. Gotta love the interactive directory on the big screen.

paradigm mall floor plan

This step is important as it’s a precautionary measure to prevent yourself from getting lost while exploring the mall. ;)

The thing that took my by surprise about Paradigm Mall was the number of floors.

paradigm mall floors

They have Lower Ground, Concourse, Ground, Upper Ground, and all the way from Level 1 until Level 3 – a total of 7 floors!

Repeat after me – WOAHhhhHHHHhh!

Without further ado, let the exploration begin! Oh yeah, and not forgetting the main purpose why I was there – to find Slimming Sanctuary and get a free slimming treat!

paradigm mall tesco

On the Lower Ground, Tesco took most of the floor space but it’s not in operation yet.

At this point of time, Slimming Sanctuary couldn’t be found anywhere nearby.

paradigm mall interior

So we kept exploring – going floor by floor while checking out the available outlets.

There are lifts around I suppose, but throughout our “quest” we only took the escalators.

paradigm mall escalator

Here, eye-candy at Paradigm Mall – if you’re interested. ;)

A live mini concert was happening that time, but I wasn’t interested. But the crowd was surely having a fun time watching, I’m sure.

paradigm mall concert

I remained focused – to look for Slimming Sanctuary for a free slimming session.

So we kept looking – strolling along the corridors of the new mall.

paradigm mall walkway

Paradigm Mall boasts a new concept – different from other existing malls such as One Utama and Mid Valley. The layout on each floor is distinct and curvy.

Its unique exterior architecture resembles a shape of an amoeba.

paradigm mall exterior

Housing more than hundreds of retailers, it has a variety of shopping selection ranging from fashion, entertainment to leisure.

There are big tenants on each floor such as Padini Concept Store, Brands Outlet, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Zara, Harvey Norman and Popular.

paradigm mall interior view

But still, I couldn’t find Slimming Sanctuary. I should have checked the directory but the ego in me says that I can find it myself. ;)

Anyway, at the highest floor (Level 3) lies a new cinema – the Golden Screen Cinemas.

paradigm mall gsc

Opening soon, it says. You’ll never miss another blockbuster again!

By the way, the mall is abundantly equipped with many choices of food. They are just too tempting, especially when my stomach is on a strike (aka hungry).

I came to Paradigm Mall to slim myself down, but food… Oh food, they can’t be resist.

paradigm mall planet popcorn

Therefore, I bought a packet of seaweed popcorn from Planet Popcorn. It’s good stuff, you know? Delicious, must try!

So okay, just a packet of popcorn will do. I shall continue with my slimming quest.

But later on, I came across Tong Pak Fu – a Hong Kong style dessert specialist.

paradigm mall tong pak fu

Thinking it was still acceptable, I gobbled down a plate of Durian Snow Ice. Yummeh!

Okay, still – the main objective – Slimming Sanctuary!

I ventured on, and the exploration then led me to Auntie Anne’s – my favourite pretzel outlet! Another craving!

paradigm mall auntie anne's

A few more bites won’t harm right? Noms! ;)

But then… all these food made me thirsty leh – thank goodness there’s Chatime in Paradigm Mall too!

paradigm mall chatime

Gotta love drinking a cup of Chatime – it makes my tummy happier! :D

So I resumed my quest for the ultimate slimming experience, and… FINALLY! YES!

paradigm mall slimming sanctuary

Slimming Sanctuary, I FOUND YOU! Without wasting anymore precious time, I walked to the reception counter and asked for a free slimming treat.

But to my dismay, they couldn’t offer me that because I’m already too fat to be slimmed down. :/

The ladies at the counter gave me the disapproving look, and pointed at my… stomach…

fat stomach

Crap, how did that happen? What happened to my stomach?! How can? HOW KEN?! NNnuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Oh well, I shall be #foreverfat then. Call me Fatty Ken. *collapse onto the floor and weep!*

Anyway, if you’re looking for Paradigm Mall, here are the address and the GPS coordinates:

Paradigm Mall
1, Jalan SS 7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1051, 101.5958

22 thoughts on “Slimming Quest at Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

  1. so slim summore wanna go lose weight, tsk tsk… and oh, you have repeated zara twice, must be a big supporter of zara huh :P

  2. Eye-candy? -__-” oooookayyy. Now I know your taste hahaha. So many new mall opened last week. Kelana Jaya is more traffic-free to go to from my place so I guess it’s good for me if I wanna catch a film that I wanna pay for lol.

  3. Hahaha interesting way to introduced this mall, havent been there YET.. now got overview liao! HAHAHA did u purposely make the tummy kembang??

  4. The name of the floor is so confusing, Merryn & I searching hi and low for our destination that day , why they can’t named it 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and so on? >.<

  5. Been 3 times in a week, agreed no network coverage at the bottom of the mall.. need to run up to make a phone call .. but overall is ok, 5 min away from my office ^_^

  6. I myself have mispronounced it as “Paradig-erm.” “Paradime”, I think, is the actual pronunciation.

    Oh, and the basement car park looks a little creepy….

  7. Crappy lah this place! It’s so hard to find anything! The UG, G, C, and LG is so confusing.. the walkway is so cramped.. am not going there again. Oh btw, in da midst of me looking for things, it was nice bumping into YOU! haha…

  8. You’re too funny, Ken! I hated the car park. It smelt of prawn shells and is totally unfriendly. I just kept on going round and round and round not knowing where we were headed.

  9. I’ve seen so many negative comments about the mall ever since it opened, but it looks interesting. Will definitely check it out! :D

  10. You’re funny. Next time you can go directly to Slimming Sanctuary if you could remember way inside that mall.

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