Sausage Look Wrong

Sausage Look Wrong

I like sausages – they are yummy.

So one day while I was at the Hungry Hog, I ordered Bangers & Mash – homemade pork sausages with mashed potatoes & onion gravy.

When the dish was served, I can’t help but to notice that one of the sausages on the plate looks…

sausage look wrong

…wrong. Like, really wrong.

Upon analyzing the cause, I “moved” the disturbing onion strip and…

hungry hog bangers mash

Ahh… now this looks appropriate. It looks much decent too! Heh.

Oh wait, did you see what I saw? ;)

18 thoughts on “Sausage Look Wrong

  1. everyone loves sausage. u tried those germans?
    it is call wurst .. it is bigger and lots yummy compare to yours … (i mean the sausage in the pic) .. LOL..
    have a good weekend….

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