WordPress Plugins I Use and Why

WordPress Plugins I Use and Why

At the beginning, kenwooi.com was a Blogspot blog. That’s when the blogging hobby started innocently, and eventually grew into a passion.

Today, it has been almost 3 years since kenwooi.com migrated to WordPress – certainly a rewarding decision.

wordpress plugin

From modifying template, to editing individual comments – there is full control over the blog. Even the back-end web hosting control is available with cPanel, such as access to the SQL database.

cpanel login page

Being a WordPress user, one important thing to do has to be… getting the right plugins.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, here are 15 WordPress plugins that are installed on kenwooi.com and why I have them…


1) Akismet

As much as Akismet claims to be the best way to protect the blog from spam comments, I don’t think it’s the best. Nevertheless, this plugin is still activated for unknown reasons.

wordpress plugin akismet

The truth is, it’s been around ever since I migrated to WordPress.

2) Bad Behavior

Apparently this plugin denies automated spambots from accessing the blog.

wordpress plugin bad behavior

I’m not sure how it works, but it was installed ever since I migrated to WordPress as well.

3) cbNet Different Posts Per Page

On the default WordPress setting, the number of blog posts selected to be shown on the home page… applies to other pages too, such as category, archive, search and tag pages.

I’ve set “3” for the home page, but I want the other pages to list down all the posts. Hence, this plugin saves the day.

wordpress plugin different posts per page options

It overrides the default setting, and allows different number of posts to be displayed on every individual pages. Setting “-1” means to show all posts.

wordpress plugin different posts per page

So I have 3 posts shown on the home page, but other pages say, on the category page, it lists down all the related posts. :)

4) Delete-Revision

If you’re not aware, WordPress saves revisions – especially when changes are made to any blog posts. It’s good in a way, but are the revisions beneficial?


wordpress plugin delete revision

Hence, this plugin is used to check for redundant revisions, delete them, and ultimately increase the speed of executing the database.

5) FD Feedburner Plugin

wordpress plugin feedburner

It redirects the default WordPress feed link to the Feedburner link.

6) Google Analytics for WordPress

This simple plugin adds Google Analytics to the WordPress blog.

wordpress plugin google analytics

Just set the details and Google Analytics will start tracking the statistics.

7) Google XML Sitemaps

It generates an XML sitemap which assists search engines, like Google and Bing, to crawl and index the blog posts better.

wordpress plugin xml sitemap

The sitemap is automatically rebuilt whenever updates to the blog are made.

8) Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

I super dislike spam comments, and prior to using this plugin, kenwooi.com used to get about 20 of them daily. Therefore, this plugin is definitely the ultimate way to stop such nuisance.

wordpress plugin growmap anti spambot

It adds a checkbox to the comment form, which requires the commenter to “tick it” to prove that they are not a spambot. Problem solved, no more spam comments! ZERO!

9) Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack enables the self-hosted WordPress to utilize the features only available on WordPress.com. One notable feature is the Site Stats.

wordpress plugin jetpack site stats

It’s a simple tool to monitor the blog statistics such as top posts, referrers, search engine terms, and clicks.

10) nrelate Related Content

This is another one of my favourite plugins – the related content display.

wordpress plugin nrelate

It displays 5 (customizable) related blog posts, and potentially increase the probability of a reader to check out other blog posts.

11) Redirection

Previously on Blogger – the feed link used to be kenwooi.com/feeds/posts/default. Upon migration to WordPress, the feed has changed to kenwooi.com/feed.

Knowing that the readers were subscribed to the Blogger feed link, I used this plugin to redirect it to the new WordPress feed link.

wordpress plugin redirection

Hence, saving the previous Blogger feed link from being “broken”. :)

12) Thumbnail For Excerpts

The blog posts are summarized on the feed. As a result, it’ll only contain word content without any photo featured.

wordpress plugin thumbnail

To get around that, this plugin selects the first photo of the post and includes it on the summarized feed.

13) Twitter Facebook Social Share

An additional widget to display Facebook Like and Twitter RT buttons on the left of the blog.

wordpress plugin social share

It’s not confirmed, but I suppose that the chances of the post being shared is… higher? But I sometimes disable it though.

14) WordPress Database Backup

Backup is very important. What more can I say?

wordpress plugin database backup

The blog backup for kenwooi.com is scheduled twice a day – a precaution in case the web host goes cranky and lose all my blog data.

15) WP Super Cache

There was a time when my hosting’s CPU usage was very high due to excessive blog load. Therefore, I started using this plugin.

wordpress plugin wp super cache

This speeds up the loading performance, eliminating the need of accessing the database, and coping with high number of daily visitors. Another problem solved!


So there you go, an insight to the world of blogging (with WordPress) by kenwooi.com. I hope it will provide a tip or two for those reading. :)

At the mean time, I’m gonna do some plugging-in of my own.

jumpstart cable

Please do not disturb. Genius at work.

15 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins I Use and Why

  1. That’s damn a lot of plugins you’re using. Won’t some of them clash or something? I’m thinking of migrating to WordPress as well but afraid that it’d be too much work and might even affect my search engine ranking.

    1. The WordPress you’re referring to is the free WordPress.com. This blog is a self-hosted WordPress where the blogging package is downloaded from WordPress.org and installed on a web host. :)

  2. So scared of all these plug-ins!! Sound complicated to me at the moment! LOL! Will bookmark this page in case I need to refer next time IF I change to WP. Thanks for sharing! : )

  3. eerr.. look super genius. I intended to change to wordpress instead of blogspot. but i found out, wordpress is more complicated.hahaha… nice and informative post.

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