My Girlfriend’s Exhibition at 1 Utama

My Girlfriend’s Exhibition at 1 Utama

I’m sure you all know that I have a girlfriend, right? It’s so obvious.

Actually, this is a public service announcement – she’s currently having an exhibition, quite a huge one actually, at 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Yes, it’s the…


Barbie – WOW, See What Happens Campaign!

barbie exhibition

Everybody, go… WOW! An exhibition all about my girlfriend, Barbie! How awesome is that? ;)

Well, since it’s organized by my girlfriend and her crew members, I, as VVIP (Very Very Irrelevant Person) of this event, managed to drop by the exhibition for a short visit.

Let me show you what was displayed at the exhibition…

barbie big heels

Firstly, this gigantic pink heels. This is hers but she can’t wear it because it’s too big for her feet.

Sometimes, she sleeps in it. I think?

barbie big handbag

Then there’s her gigantic pink handbag. She keeps all her packs of tissues, 10 different lip glosses and other cosmetics, snacks and lots of other junk.

Whenever she asks me to search for something inside, it’s like a jungle in there. I could literally get lost. o.O

barbie big handbag carry

And yeah, sometimes being a good boyfriend – I help carry her handbag. I don’t see why it’s wrong for a guy to be carrying a lady’s handbag.

It’s a manly responsibility, you know? Just like dudes who wear pink!

barbie bags

Other than that, there are more bags and luggage on sale. They’re all designed by Barbie, trust me.

They look so adorable, I myself can’t even resist from hugging them…

barbie bags hug

I just love cute tiny luggage bags.

barbie surfboard

Swimming pool surfboards are available as well. Barbie and I always use this while we swim together.

Lovely, isn’t it? ;)

barbie baby shoes

Besides that, there are Barbie inspired design for baby shoes. Cute or not?

Another interesting apparel would be this underwear.

barbie pink underwear

Or is it called the panties? I’m not sure. But the little girls will certainly like it. ;)

Well, one thing’s I know for sure is that my Barbie girlfriend has a large fan base, particularly consisting of little girls.

Just look…!

barbie girl 1

This cool girl likes Barbie.

barbie girl 2

She likes Barbie too.

And this little girl below – she’s having so much fun posing with Barbie. The word, I mean.

barbie girl 3

Oh wait, I’m not a Pedophile, okay? Pfftt!

But here’s the thing – despite all the attention Barbie gets from all sorts of people, I know that Barbie will always belong to Ken.

Yes, she belongs to me and I belong to her. We’re so in love and inseparable…

barbie pose

Here’s a couple photo of us taken during the exhibition. She’s so pretty, right? ;)

Anyway, after looking around the exhibition, I didn’t go home empty-handed. Since Barbie doesn’t mind, I got myself another girlfriend…

barbie doll toy

This is one sexay Barbie doll!

Now, who wants to play Barbie with Ken? ;)

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  1. Mickey Mouse at Mid Valley, Barbie at One Utama. Pretty awesome period for the people from my era and for kids. Did you really buy that? Should be damn expensive. I’d rather spend on babi. lol

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