The Ideal Age To Get Married

The Ideal Age To Get Married

Recently, a casual chat with a friend turned into a marriage discussion. To think of it, this topic would’ve never occurred when we were still studying. What happened?! o.O

Oh well, guess I’ve reached the age where marriage seems like a possible thing to do.

No wait…

wedding rings

This has NOTHING to do with me getting married alright. Clear that assumption, now! Okay, good – let’s continue.

Wait, and that photo is NOT my wedding rings. I took it from Google okay? Pfftt!

Anyway, young adults nowadays have various mindsets – some are career-driven, some are picky, some just wanna have fun, and some are horny.

intimate couple

Therefore, resulting in marriages that could be a little quite early, and sometimes… quite late as well. That’s why the right timing is important.

Which brings me to the topic for today – the ideal age to get married!

In the recent years, a few guy friends of mine got married – at a tender age of 21 till 23. These news don’t come in a surprise though – they could be too much in love, pressure from parents, and some… got married because of this…

shotgun marriage 1

shotgun marriage 2

shotgun marriage 3

Yeah, shotgun marriages. BAMB – “dead” at such a young age! Oh well, shit happens.

But hey, if they’re alright with that – all we could do is to wish them the best. :)

Well, I personally think that getting married while still studying or when we’ve just started working is a definite NO. That’s the period when we’re not financially stable – how is it possible to support a family?

big mock cheque

Unless, our parents don’t mind supporting lah. But my parents will surely kill me if that happens to me! :/

However, it’s different for the ladies. For them, it’s possible to get married at a younger age if their guy partner is much older and loaded. In terms of financial stability, they having not much to worry.

These days, many yearn to achieve an established career first before taking the plunge, while some aim for a 5-digit income. Practical enough – those are reasonable considerations to sustain and support a family.

work pay slip

But, there are other factors to be considered as well – for example, having the ideal age gap between parents and children. Perhaps not many are bothered by this factor, but it could somehow be significant.

Don’t ask me why, but having a huge gap is not my thing. Hence, getting married really late… no no? And as for the ladies, giving birth after 30s is not recommendable as well. The risks are higher, or something like that. Right?

So without much further justification, I propose the ideal age for a guy to get married is… between the age of 27 to 29.

man proposing

Somehow, there’s something about a guy getting married after hitting the 30s – just doesn’t feel right.

Yes, actually it’s alright for the guys to get married even after hitting the 30 milestone – it’s totally fine because everyone says – the older a man is, the more valuable he is. True, but in this entry – it’s about the “ideal” age – not the “allowable” age. ;)

And as for the ladies, the proposed ideal age to get married is… between 26 to 29.

women being proposed

Similarly, getting married after hitting the 30s doesn’t feel right either.

So yeah, in a few years time, I could be getting married. Damn, why do I sound so old? I wish I could turn back time and be a kid again!

But you know what, as of now – marriage sends shivers down my spine.

marriage meme

Yes, thinking about marriage scares the shit out of me! HOW?!

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion. What do you think is the ideal age to get married? :)

39 thoughts on “The Ideal Age To Get Married

  1. for guys i think the ideal age is btw 28-30, pretty much stable financially. while for girls, 26-28. have two years of freedom before getting pregnant at 30. haha.

  2. lol a certain someone is turning 27 next year >.< But yes, I do agree with you that you need to be financially stable first before thinking of marriage. Else, how to support the family?? :p

  3. I have a friend who is at the same age with me, married because of the “short gun thingy” *lol*… but the marriage looks just nice and she is able to cope with her study which is good. Posted a lot pic with her baby (and you know baby is cute *at least in the pic*) and make we wonder.. it was not that bad I imagined.

  4. I agree with your ideal ages of marriage and really really like your shotgun marriage pictures.

    Anyway, I’d just like to put my two cents in about how marriage nowadays is more status than an actual union. I’m saying this based on how it’s the trend for couples nowadays to live in with their partners. It’s kind of like marriage too … just without legal papers.

  5. Marriage is an occupation itself.It’s all about work,work and work.Working with your wife,working with your babies,working with your in-laws in terms of manners,courtesy and respect.It’s all about work – building up your family.Building up your House,starting your own family and work likewise needs a lot of finance – worries,worries,worries…Don’t get so hot up about the idea of marriage just yet!Enjoy yourself,get the most out of life itself and things will work alright with you !

  6. Age is not a matter. What matters most is both of you have already bought a house to call your home. That way you’ll be sure that after little Ken and Barbie are born, you’ll not be chased away by your tenant. So if you already have a house now, you can get married tomorrow! :P

  7. 2 more years till I turn 26… I don’t think I’ll be ready so soon!!! T^T

    I think the most important is financial stability, but then, sometimes people think too much about material stuff. I think during our parents’ generation, a lot of people can’t afford houses nor cars, but we’re still brought up well.

    It’s all about maturity. You can’t put an age on maturity.

  8. once you found the right one, its only natural to want to settle down with her. I got hitched at age 29, a bit later than my ideal of 27 though, but then it’s coming along really well.

    For sure you have to think a lot when it comes to marriage, but then overthinking it is not advisable too, just go with the flow. Family, $$, love, everything must be factored in. :)

  9. Agree…it’s not the idea of marriage that scaring me, but it’s the money involved that scares the shit out of me! haha marrying after 30 = our kids will still be schooling when we nearing retirement age! haha

  10. well,many my friends/cousins got married btw when i’m 25,discussion abt marriage getting hell serious.hahahah.i hate it. yeah same with me,i still thinking that marriage is so scary. everytime my cousins getting married,u know malay have this thing ‘eat this from sireh junjung so that u can get married after this’ lol.i never eat or took it (i don’t know what it’s called).then my mom put something inside my bag.hahahhahaha heck! i even scared to sit on pelamin. so i never took any picture sitting there…seriously hell scary.

  11. chill bro. ahhaha! Love this post.. very interesting.
    Anyway, i think ideal age to get married depends on the financial status…;P

  12. In my opinion, guys should only get married when they can already support the family. Having a stable income, a car and a house is a MUST!

    For girls, well, as long as girls are career driven and independent enough to think for themselves, I guess age doesn’t matter for girls. :)

  13. That’s the ideal age but not realistic for me at least! Most of us begin working at about 25-27, so it is hardly enough to be financially stable.

  14. PHEW, thought you’re proposing already. When I’m reaching 27 soon. Just turned 26 today lol. I ain’t planning to get married yo. It’s a complete turn off

  15. i think typical chinese will aim for Dragon year (which is now, you better be quick, hahah) and avoid those which they believe it brings bad luck.. doesnt really matter on age nowadays

  16. Agree. I’d like it early, thank you very much. So that I can quickly raise the kids, get rid of them, then have a second PROPER honeymoon with the hubby while still mobile! xD

  17. HAhahaha…. but i don’t wanna get married so young also! Lol… at least after 26 or 27? I think it’s okay for guys to get married after 30’s though… individual opinion? :p

  18. I agree on the ideal age to get married. So that the kids won’t be too young when we are getting retired. =) May you get married on your ideal age!

  19. My ideal age is actually 23, but it depends, because financial issue is still one of the main thing to be considered about. But yes, definitely not after 30. By the way, I have a laugh about the pictures with gun and all. Haha! :P

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