I’ve been having this KFC SNAX Card for quite some time. Probably got it when it was first launched by KFC.

kfc snax card

Well, I don’t usually dine at KFC, but when I do – I will get the card swiped to collect the KFC SNAX Points. Everyone loves getting points out of buying stuff right?

And with the accumulated SNAX points, KFC food can be redeemed from the KFC SNAX website.

kfc snax perks

About a month back, I checked my SNAX account and realized that I have enough points to redeem a Zinger Burger – my all-time favourite burger among all fast food restaurant! :D

Without hesitation, I redeemed a Zinger Burger voucher with 23010 points.

kfc snax redeem

The confirmation email came and according to the footnote, it is stated that the redeemed item will be delivered within 14 workings days – which is almost 3 full weeks.

Fine, I waited patiently. I even calculated the estimated arrival – on May 31 – exactly 14 working days. But it didn’t.

June came along, and it was finally delivered on June 12 – that’s 22 working days to be exact (or almost 1 month).

kfc envelope

Actually, I didn’t mind the delay – as long as the Zinger Burger voucher reaches my hands safely.

How could I forgo a free, I repeat… FREE(!!!), KFC Zinger Burger right? NOW I CAN HAZ ZINGER BURGER! Woohoo! :D

So I opened the envelope and there were 2 sheets of paper. The first one, an official letter by the KFC Snax squad…

kfc official letter

Take note of the letter’s date, and the “We’re truly sorry for the late delivery” introductory line. It seems like the late delivery was an¬†unavoidable¬†one.

But on the other sheet (the voucher), it tells a different story. Take note of the date too…

kfc voucher

It immediately struck me – KFC Snax Squad prepared their official letter on May 24, indicating that the delivery is late. BUT then the voucher is dated on June 8.


Furthermore, there’s a 11 working days gap between May 24 and June 8. If the voucher is dated May 25 then understandable lah. But 11 days of delay, KFC knows they’re delivering it late, and… they’re truly sorry?

That’s… unacceptable!

kfc meme

KFC, you know what – perhaps that’s why McDonald’s is doing so much better than you.

McDonald’s delivery can reach my doorstep within 1 hour – FOOD within 1 hour, and you need 14 working days (22, actually) to deliver a piece of paper. How can?! Pfftt!

But at the meantime, KFC, I’m gonna enjoy my McD meal.

mcd set meal

Well, I’m definitely lovin’ it! ;)

KFC – Ken Faster, Can?

24 thoughts on “KFC SNAX, Y U LATE ON PURPOSE?

  1. KFC Fail!!! And did you know about the free chicken if exceed 60 seconds thing? They just can’t implement it cos they will end up giving out so many free chickens they will go bankrupt. LOL!

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