5KM at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

5KM at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

One of my personal aspirations this year is to run at an official marathon. And over the weekend, I’ve successfully achieved it by participating in the 5KM Fun Run at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012!

Okay wait, I know a “marathon” is 42KM and a “half marathon” is 21KM. That makes 10KM a “quarter marathon”, and since I ran 5KM, that means I ran a “one-eighth marathon”? Correct not?

kl marathon 2012 5km fun run

Anyway, I started running at the beginning of the year. I initially thought of running 10KM but the inconsistency of my training made me opt for a shorter (and perhaps easier) distance.

As a result, 5KM was much more practical.

I may not be the best 5KM runner out there, but I’m glad that I made the effort to take the plunge and participate in my first ever 5KM run.

jalan tun perak close

That morning, we reached Masjid Jamek LRT station at about 7am.

By the time we were there, some 42KM and 21KM runners were seen reaching the finishing line at Dataran Merdeka.

kl marathon 2012 morning

I could only foresee myself running at most 10KM, whereas 21KM and 42KM seem so… distant. It would certainly require extensive, consistent and dedicated training to be one of the elite runners.

Nevertheless, we proceeded to the 5KM and 10KM starting point at Jalan Parlimen.

kl marathon 2012 direction signboard

It was quite a distance from Dataran Merdeka, but a relaxing stroll along the free-from-cars road was good after all. Plus, it was a breezy morning.

Minutes later, we reached Jalan Parlimen.

jalan parlimen road sign

To be honest, my tummy didn’t feel good at that moment. Butterflies in my stomach, I suspect. But I sure hoped that those “butterflies” (if there are) don’t blurt out from my backside while I’m running. Heh! :P

So once the 5KM runners were allowed to enter the starting zone, we went in immediately. The 5KM Fun Run was scheduled to flag-off at 8.45am.

kl marathon 2012 runners

There wasn’t much to do during the wait, besides the arrival of the VIPs. They shook hands with the front-line runners and the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia gave a brief “All of us are gathered here today to achieve an objective together, hence Malaysians are united!” speech.

Anyway, as the time lurked closer to 8.45am, it was time for flag-off.

kl marathon 2012 starting point

The countdown began, the pistol was shot, and off we go! *excited*

I started off pretty quick, overtaking right from the start. Reaching the 1KM point was a breeze  – perhaps I was still filled with energy.

But as I was heading towards the 2KM point, the steep slope upwards caused me to lose momentum and I started to experience fatigue. All I know was I must get to the 2.5KM point where the water station is situated.

kl marathon 2012 refreshment

I drank 2 cups of water, my body felt refreshed, and I picked up pace again. As “fun” as the 5KM Fun Run sounds, I took it pretty seriously – I wanted to finish the run in the fastest time as I could.

As much as I wanted to keep running, I had to stop and start walking at certain intervals. Exhaustion was inevitable, but once I got sufficient rest, I continued running – or jog, since it was at a slower pace.

Nevertheless, I reached the 3KM point and it’s less than half way more to go!

kl marathon 2012 supporters

I personally like this quote – Though times don’t last, but tough people do. Besides this collaborative support, I also saw banners that went “Tired legs are sexy” and “Run as if you stole something”.

Cliché you may say, but they really did spark a gush of motivation within me – I want to reach the finishing line!

After a while, the 4KM point sign was seen, and it was then the FINAL kilometer!!! Pushed myself even more and step after step, I could finally see the finishing line and… I crossed it with a great feeling of relief!

kl marathon 2012 finishing line

Yeah, I did it! I’ve accomplished my aspiration to “officially” run in the year of 2012.

I had a stopwatch activated throughout the run, but I didn’t check it at all. When I checked it after finishing the run, 41 minutes was displayed on the screen.

So, I finished 5KM in 41 minutes. Well, could have been better – no doubt about that. But sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long you take, as long as you’ve completed what you’ve aspired to accomplish.

kl marathon 2012 dataran merdeka

At 9.30am in the morning, the 5KM run was basically over for us.

We then went to the Checkout Zone to collect some refreshments and the finisher’s certificate!

kl marathon 2012 certificate

Unlike the longer runs, the 5KM finishers don’t get an additional finisher’s medal. But a certificate is definitely worthwhile for me – for now. ;)

kl marathon 2012 5km finisher

This is me with the 5KM Fun Run board and my finisher’s certificate. Duh!

Perhaps in the near future, I’d aspire to take on a double – the 10KM run!

kl marathon 2012 boards

And perhaps in the far off future, I hope that I’d be able to conquer the half marathon. And oh, the full marathon… I wouldn’t even consider. It’d surely be a massive feat!

But as of now, I’m glad to have accomplished what I’ve set at the beginning of the year – to run a 5KM (or also known as a 1/8 marathon).

Once again, yes! I did it! :D

kl marathon 2012 runner

Okay, hey… that’s enough. STOP looking at my bushy armpit.

I’m manly like that! Pfftt!

42 thoughts on “5KM at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

  1. Oh gawd u r so bushy u need a good waxing job! :P

    Congrats on completing the 5km marathon without fainting. Can’t imagine if you faint and ppl need to lift you up, they’d need to lift you from the back and eventually touch your hairy armpit… yeeer… pls do not faint anytime in the future as well! ^_^

  2. Ken Wooi – the marathon runners aren’t serious ppl. Ppl that run 42km on an off day can’t be all that serious. :) Do read my race report for Borneo (http://www.tristupe.com/2012/05/borneo-international-marathon-2012-race.html) and Bali marathon (http://www.tristupe.com/2012/04/bali-marathon-race-report-and-then-some_27.html). You will see many familiar faces and you might think it is one long continous race we are doing.

    well done on the 5km. more to come for you, i hope!

  3. Congrats!! Its still an achievement! When you were running, ppl like me still snoring away on the bed:p

    The year I joined standard chartered 5km run, they put the “checkpoints”? signs wrongly. In the end, we ran like half of the supposed 5km…-_- and because you mentioned it, only then I noticed your bushy armpits…:D

  4. I like your hair! Under the arms.. the last pics! LOL
    Anyway, congratulation in finishing the race! xD you deserved a clap! *clap clap*

  5. 7am you reached Masjid Jamek and the 21km & 42km runners almost run finish? I guess what time they have to start running. Must be very early.

    Yeah lor. You brought along your camera while running?

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