My Mum On Facebook! How?!

My Mum On Facebook! How?!

Facebook is fun – it’s like a world by itself on the Internet.

Because the thing is, we can do whatever we want – chat with friends, gossip, check out chicks and make love. Oh wait, the last one doesn’t seem possible. Nevertheless, Facebook spells Freedom!

Anyway, but what if… your MUM jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon! *cues horror music!*

mum on facebook

It happened to me a few days ago.

My mum joined Facebook, and you know what… she… listed me as her son!

facebook listed as son

Oh no! How could this be happening? I thought I could be doing whatever I want on Facebook without my parents, especially mum, knowing about my unhealthy Facebook activities!

You know why?

It’s because I post up emo status Facebook… ALL THE TIME!

facebook emo quote

Mum is gonna think that I love chocolates and porn. She’ll also think that I’m depressed kid, and I’m clueless about life.

How can?!

Then then… mum will browse through my photos too!

facebook photo macallan

She’ll see that I’ve been drinking hard liquor. My 12 years old Macallan will be exposed, and I’m gonna be so dead!

But that’s not it… mum will find out that I’ve been clubbing so often!

facebook photo clubbing

She can see all the photos of me clubbing with hot chicks! Then she’ll think that I’ve been pretending to be a good boy at home all along.


Now this is even worse, I also have Facebook Display of Affection (FDA) photos with my girlfriend! Mum is gonna know that I’ve been naughty out there…

facebook photo kissing

She’ll also get to see this photo of us kissing passionately! How?


Wait, I know what to do. I know…

facebook deactivate

Yes, I have to deactivate my Facebook account – and prevent my mum from finding out that I’ve been a lousy son.

This has to be done – for the love of humanity, and for the appreciation of our mother-son relationship…

facebook deactivation reason

I’m sorry, mum. It had to be done. You shall not know of my deepest secrets via Facebook. It’s a wicked world in there!

And Facebook, farewell!

24 thoughts on “My Mum On Facebook! How?!

  1. I can’t stand the Barbie kissing too. =/ Maybe your Mom’s curious about your activities on FB, which is why she listed you as her son. =D Go for it and see how it goes from there. I agree with Fish; you still can be friends with your Mom but she won’t know everything.

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