Nokia E65 Review

Nokia E65 Review

Thanks to Nokia (and myself for buying it in the first place), I’m proud to announce that is reviewing one of Nokia’s greatest phones.

The… Nokia E65! *blows trumpet magnificently*

Released in 2007, it’s probably an ancient phone despite only 5 years of age.

Anyway, first up – a brief walkthrough of the phone’s physical outlook.

With its compact size, it fits into pockets easily unlike new bulky phones – the Samsung Galaxy Note, for example. We Asians have tiny hands, and our pockets are small too.

At 15mm thick, it’s about 6mm thicker than the iPhone 4S, and about 7mm thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S3. But still, can use lah!

Some extra millimeters won’t cause any major inconvenience – confirm!

According to sources, the Nokia E65 is a smartphone in the E-series range with slide action.

What?! A smartphone? That’s awesome weh. I didn’t know I was using a smartphone all along. Perhaps I have been underutilizing it. :/

But it definitely can’t match Nokia’s latest range of Lumia phones. Oh well…

The screen size of the Nokia E65 is only 2.2 inches – a reasonable display size for any human beings. Can see good enough already!

Plus, the 2MP camera with no built-in flash takes acceptable photos. If you’re not particular about the quality, the camera works just fine.

But if you’ve witnessed high quality photos from better smartphones, you’ll think that it sucks. No doubt about that.

Besides that, this is pretty interesting – it has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor! Heh!

Oh, ignore that crack! Nothing happened! ;)

Anyway, what I like about the Nokia E65 is its simplicity in style. The battery can last up to 24 hours with active usage – unlike sophisticated smartphones that drains a complete battery cycle within 6 hours. Meh.

The downside is that it doesn’t support apps. If you want Angry Birds, you can’t install it. If you want Instagram – no, you can’t install it either.

A feature that comes in handy is definitely the WiFi capability.

It’s easy to access the Internet just by connecting to an available WiFi connection. But sometimes browsing the web on this phone could be a pain in the ass – so laggy! #truestory

Oh yeah, if you drop it on the floor – not to worry! Unlike iPhone or HTC, the fall of Nokia E65 won’t make your heart skip a beat at all.

Worst case scenario – the back cover and the battery come off. That’s it.

Just pick them up, assemble the detached parts and… there, the phone is alive. IT IS STILL ALIVE & KICKIN’!!!

No damage at all. Amazing, right? ;)

Overall, it’s a usable phone. The basic functionalities of the phone exist – call and text, with a little bit of “smartness” here and there.

If you want to get the Nokia E65, unfortunately its production has been discontinued. But hey, I’m selling this phone for only RM50. ONLY RM50! Cheap right?! :D

Yes! It’s an offer too good to resist! Comment below if interested alright?


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  1. Kena lagi…I thought Nokia gave you a new phone after your lastpost. They really shoould give you a new phone after all the publicity you have generated for them.

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