Sex Sells by Samba

Sex Sells by Samba

Samba is a store that features a range of footwear from a Brazilian shoes manufacturer.

During the recent visit to Paradigm Mall, I bumped into a Samba store.

samba store paradigm mall

It’s interesting as they sell high quality and fashionable footwear such as Ipanema, Rider and Grendha.

Oh by the way, I wear a pair of Ipanema slippers.

samba slippers

Anyway, the store is pretty much decorated in bright colors, perhaps to match its Brazilian heritage. Feels like hitting the beach, don’t ya? :D

But wait!

What I’m clueless about is the advertisement board at the entrance…

samba sexy lady

It’s a footwear store lah, what’s with the lady flaunting her boobies?

Sex sells? Perhaps… but as always, I was just an innocent passerby! ;)

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  1. Hello ken,

    Do you mind changing your layout to something that don’t hide half your post? I use google reader to read blogs on my phone. And it is really troublesome if I wanna read the full story. Just a suggestion. And have a good day. :)

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