Facebook Fact: Nobody Knows Your Real Birthday

Facebook Fact: Nobody Knows Your Real Birthday

It’s a norm that we all rely on Facebook to be reminded of the birthday of our friends, colleagues and not forgetting, our enemies as well.

Well, who in his/her right mind would actually remember a friend’s exact birthday?

facebook birthday card

It’s rare nowadays, to be exact.

Hence, Facebook does the “remembering” job for us. When someone’s birthday is on a particular day, it’ll be displayed on the right sidebar. A typical person would…

facebook birthday wish

Yeap, we casually wish them. A simple and short greeting would do. That friend must be tremendously touched by the birthday wish, I’m pretty sure.

Know what, we’re such a great friend that we actually sort of remembered and took the effort to wish our dear friends… on Facebook. Good job or what? ;)

So, I decided to perform an experiment on Facebook. I changed the date of my birthday and wanted to see how many friends would wish me because of Facebook.

facebook basic info settings

If you’ve been reading kenwooi.com for some time, you would know (or maybe not, because it’s not important anyway) that my birthday falls in July, not May – not 31 May 1912.

Okay wait, I know I’m the actual culprit, but like I said – it’s an experiment to determine whether my friends on Facebook actually know my real birthday or not…

So I patiently waited till that day, and when the clock struck twelve – RELEASE THE TITAN WISHES!!!

facebook birthday wish 1

He wished me and called me boss, but I don’t own a business and I employ no one. Okay wait, maybe I’m bossy – that’s why he called me that. Damn.

facebook birthday wish 2

It’s my birthday, and I get told to party hard. But I don’t drink, I don’t go clubbing – so how to party hard?

facebook birthday wish 3

I like this guy – he’s a senior of mine in high school. But dude, I may be famous to you, but unfortunately I’m not famous enough to get invited to some fancy hotel and meet the PM.

Furthermore, I have no chance to give out invitations. Sorry, boss!

facebook birthday wish 4

This friend wished kenwooi.com instead of me. Hmph!

facebook birthday wish 5

Well, thank you and I’m doing great. Oh wait, I’m not popular though. :)

facebook birthday wish 6

I believe it should be “not-so-famous” instead of “famous” blogger. ;)

facebook birthday wish 7

Oh, this friend knows me too well. I’d surely love to have a “fun” night with Barbie. :D

facebook birthday wish 8

This is a quick one. TQ!

facebook birthday wish 9

“Mr. Sexy Ken” doesn’t sound right. However I do admit that I have 6-pack-abs on my body, but I protect them with a layer of fats. ;)

And lastly…

facebook birthday wish 10

A good friend of mine, whom I thought would know my real birthday, wished me on Facebook too. HOW CAN?! :/

Oh well, and at the end of the day, nobody even showed signs that they realize I faked my birthday on Facebook.

facebook notification

Quite a number of friends wished me just because Facebook told them so. This experiment actually proves and confirms that people completely rely on Facebook for birthday wishes nowadays.

To think of it, nobody actually know or bother about my real birthday. Perhaps, I was expecting one, or maybe two, to realize that it wasn’t real.

Then, it suddenly struck me… Oh no!

emo boy

It’s sad, so sad. It’s a sad sad situation…

My friends don’t remember my birthday at all! :(

26 thoughts on “Facebook Fact: Nobody Knows Your Real Birthday

  1. I tried it this year on my REAL birthday. Disable the birthday notification. AND it is good to know that a handful of them actually knows. Appreciate it a lot!

  2. lol. I bet if I do this, it would’ve turned out exactly as yours – maybe worse. Just be thankful none of your siblings or your parents wished. hehe. lol~

    Oh well, in case I missed it, Happy becoming and belated birthday Ken!

    Oh yeah, don’t count on me to remember dates. I suck at it, big time – actually that goes to just about anything. My mind totally fails in the remembering department. lol

  3. this should be sad,but i’m sorry that i laugh lol the last pic is too funny..

    honestly,i’m not going to wish someone that i barely know on fb…even if he/she is my close friend,i will wish her by sms or call,instead of wishing on fb…btw i’m thankful if someone that i barely know,wishing me HBD coz i’m not that close to them,n maybe they want to get close to me or whatsoever…well just be thankful lah…hahah

  4. i actually know those people you blured out… sigh, I guess I almost became one of them eh… sorry bro, I have to blame myself for having too many friends on FB… :(

  5. Actually, it doesnt important right. Birthday is just a day we borned to this world, we shud thanks and show appreciation to parents. :-) and friends, who really remember ur bday, they wont wish on fb d, they will call u or straight send a text to u d. Hehe.

  6. LOLZ.. people that just knowing you (few months ago), wont able to know your birthday what. Those your best friends should have beaten up. LOLOLOL!!

    put the real date k? So I can wish you on the actual day. =]

  7. OMG! You made a fool out of everyone! LOL!! Made me a bit phobia to wish anyone Happy Birthday on FB now in case they pulled the same trick like you did haha!

  8. Haha. Don’t worry la Ken. I don’t even remember the birthdays of my siblings. Too many numbers to remember nowadays. But hey, that is a good experiment. Nice one! :-D

  9. How can i disable my birthday notifications to my friends???
    So that no one can know about my birthday

    plzzzzzzzz help me and dooo reply……..

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