Group-Buying Deals: Women Only, Not Men

Group-Buying Deals: Women Only, Not Men

Being a member of a group-buying site entitles you to the most important feature – the subscription mails. They arrive to your mailbox everyday – without fail.

It allows the subscribed members to check out the latest deals conveniently.

groupoff malaysia

This automated (or manual, I’m not sure) function delivers it to your mailbox, tempting you to purchase any of the deals which are greatly discounted.

Although I’ve been receiving them everyday, I don’t bother buying. Perhaps just a quick look, and then delete.

nylon bra deal

Why? It’s simply because majority of the promoted deals are focused towards women. Body massage, slimming package, underarm waxing, facial therapy and bust enhancement.

On an unrelated note: I somehow wish I can experience the “bust enhancement”. Sounds… rather comfortable. Comfy comfy! ;)

women shopping

Anyway, stereotyping or not, it seems that women have better spending power and are more prone to be lured by discounted prices and attractive advertisements.

To substantiate my point, here are examples why such deals are so women-driven. They are all within the first 5 listed deals from a single subscription mail…


beauty deal 1

It’s your opportunity to achieve beautiful and flawless skin at Skinz Sanctuary. Which lady doesn’t wanna look pretty?

beauty deal 2

Getting pampered with a massage session is definitely one of the activities ladies love to experience. So sensual, so relaxing eh?

beauty deal 3

Another body massage deal. Do the ladies really love to be caressed and stroked on the body? This deal sorta gives me the impression that they love to be touched. Heh.

beauty deal 4

Make-up with fake eyelashes – beauty is always uno numero for the ladies. It’s definitely a tool to capture a man’s attention and to make the other ladies jealous.

beauty deal 5

Underarm skin peeling, what can I say more?


So ladies (and gentlemen), now you’ve seen the perfect examples of why group-buying deals are┬ámostly┬ámeant for the ladies.

Furthermore, the more beauty-related deals you present to them, chances are they’ll buy without a second thought.

woman shop online

Well, maybe there is a second thought – but surely there won’t be a third thought!

Oh wait…

I couldn’t help but to imagine, what if there are such beauty-related deals targeted for the men. Probably these are how they would look like…


beauty deal guy 1

The model is so handsome, and he’s definitely an ambassador of Kenz Sanctuary. You wanna be as good looking as him, right?

beauty deal guy 2

Men love being massaged too! No matter how painful the massage is, a guy will endure the ‘torture’ like a TRUE MAN! Bring it on!

beauty deal guy 3

Once again, men love being massaged! Remember to request for the flowers when you go for the Hot Stone Back Massage at Ken Gorgeous.

beauty deal guy 4

You want nice biceps, or even nice abs? The body “make-up” provided by Ken The Handsome can tone up your muscles. Plus, you get a free fake 6-pack abs – GOOD DEAL!

beauty deal guy 5

Not enough armpit hair? There’s a solution for more bushy armpit hair by Ken Wellness Salon – specializes in armpit hair!

Okay, hey… STOP looking at my bushy armpits, again! Pfftt!


So guys… with great deals, comes great responsibility. Would you consider buying the deals above? They’ll definitely make you more good-looking and attractive than ever!

I’m sure you would, right? ;)

Coz dear men out there, it’s time to revolutionized the group-buying trend on the Internet. Men shall prevail, and you have nothing to lose!

man shop online

It’s OUR turn to be… VAIN! :D

31 thoughts on “Group-Buying Deals: Women Only, Not Men

  1. hahahaha…. i looks genuine to have u being photoshopped into the group buying pictures. Seriously, I guess woman prefer to be pampered and likes to shop (online) more than guys :)

  2. hahahhaa..wth.. I didn’t realised it was you until the third picture (in green tee) then I had to retrack and look at the previous pictures. hahaha..

  3. lol you also subscribe to their newsletter.. i have a guy friend, who is into this group buying thingy too. he bought 30 GSC tickets, and finished it within 3 months lolol.

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