The Ken Man Rises

The Ken Man Rises

By now, you all have already known that I have an alter ego am a superhero.

I am Ken Man.

ken man

Well, Ken Man was recently a new addition in the Avengers team.

He was featured in the latest blockbuster movie…

the avengers poster parody

With Ken Man’s super powers, the Avengers has successfully defeated Loki, and prevented his army from invading Earth.

Did you see Ken Man running around the streets and throwing orange bombs at bad guys when the city was being attacked? I’m sure you did. ;)

But meanwhile, Ken Man is taking a break from blogging for a while, as he saves Ken City from a potential threat!

ken man sign

We were in this together, and then Ken Man was gone. Now this evil… rises. The Ken Man has to rise and come back.

Watch out bad people, Ken Man is gonna throw oranges at you!

22 thoughts on “The Ken Man Rises

  1. I’m sorry. But seeing you running around in underwear outside of your spandex, is a little too disturbing. hehe

    That aside. I need to go and watch Batman~~ sigh~

  2. I watched The Dark Ken Rises, on the launching day, I like action movie, but the ending part a bit too dragging, not very nice, director is trying to compile all lam sum to end the story. I rated 4/5

  3. In “The Incredibles”, the custome designer said the cape is dangerous 1 ler…
    But this orange costume, feel a bit like Robin like that…

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