No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

Let’s face it, we Malaysians love to eat, and also… share photos of what we’re eating on the Internet.

Today, with a smartphone in your hands, your food will go onto the Internet first… before going into your stomach. #fact

taking food photo

It’s now a widespread occurrence within our community. People snap photos of their meals and upload them to social media sites so effortlessly.

Anyway, the point is – whenever food is served, many of us would first snap a photo, upload it (via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), and THEN only begin to eat. It’s like a habit… an unusual habit which turned usual, I must say.

But I always wonder, does anyone actually care what you had for lunch?

fried rice special

Oh, it’s not just lunch. The question refers to all types of meals – breakfast, brunch, tea-break, dinner, supper and after-supper supper. Even snacks too.

Seriously, do you think people are interested in what you’re eating?

Well, I don’t normally upload photos when I’m dining. But, I recently did a quick experiment on Facebook – I uploaded photos of certain food that I had.

facebook food photo 1

First one – Jojo Little Kitchen’s Pan Mee. With over 600 friends on my Facebook, only 2 friends “liked” it. That’s all.

Everyone else, sadly, don’t care.

facebook food photo 2

Wendy’s – no reaction whatsoever. It goes to show that nobody cares about the photo with 2 sets of burger and fries.

And the final attempt…

facebook food photo 3

A photo of the mixed set at Bar-BQ Plaza. Once again, nobody liked or commented. Maybe the photo isn’t attractive and artsy, but it’s not from Instagram mah.

Anyway, with 3 results obtained, it concludes that… nobody cares!

Now, you may disagree with the experiment’s result because your photos can get a lot of likes and comments. Woah, bravo… so cool huh?

finished meal

Here’s a quick question – do you think they REALLY care? As in, IF you decide not to upload photos of your food, will they scream “Y U NO UPLOAD FOOD” at you? No?

And to further strengthen my point, let’s say if the Internet (or any famous social media sites) is not available, will any of your close friends call you up and…

food talk

Honestly, no.

Case in point – no one cares what you had for lunch. Perhaps you should stop tweeting about your meals, you culinary paparazzi.

Well, at the meantime, allow me to improve on my skill in food photography…

asian taking food photo

Oh, not to worry!

The DLSR is not “smart” enough to upload photos onto the Internet. ;)

50 thoughts on “No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

  1. Besides, it’s better not to get any LIKES. If not, you will feel obligated to check out the photos of those who LIKED your food photo and then force yourself to LIKE their food photos too haha!

  2. I guessed it’s just for their own remembrance or for anyone who is interested (maybe their worried parents who ponder what you ate hahaha)

  3. You will see usually girl post what they will get most like n comment :P try change ur fb name to girl name n sexy hot girl pic then hide all ur album. See those ma lat lou ham sup lou so lou will realize is you onot then start your experiment again :P

  4. Not very active on Facebook. But I do find photos of food interesting. Especially when taken to lOok really nice. Would love to read the descriptions associated with the photos too. Can learn new dishes!

  5. I upload a photo when the food taste good! or when it was free.. :D and I got many likes tho.. LOL! dun worrry Ken, I’ll like ur next photo of food on fb.. :D

  6. Ppl don’t like your food pic coz it’s not synonymous with Ken Wooi. Try uploading your ‘tetek funnier than boobs’ pic and see what happens. I bet you will terus kena FLAG!! haha.. :P

  7. True True True!Food are suppose to be in your stomach instead of being frame up! Perhaps we should photograph our stomach instead. :P

  8. I am guilty of this! But sometimes i am able to discover new food places through food pics my friends uploaded and vice versa, so I guess something good does comes out of it… or not. haha.

  9. Hahah, if is a food blog, maybe will get more LIKE for it? because people that like the #Fb page actually aspect food picture, for yours maybe the fans like me want to see more controversial and funny post.. That’s why? :/

  10. Well they really should stop posting up their meal photos so that when people bump into each other, there’s something to ask.

  11. Honestly if you count whether someone likes your post by how many LIKES you got, thats narcissistic. People see but doesnt mean they LOVE it so much to like it. They just glance through. Same with this blog. Not everyone all the time comment on it. Although this blog is your view. but cornering ppl who do post food pics is a bit off . For some cars is their passion and some food. Nothing wrong.

    1. come on..yea there’s nothing wrong even with his post..Ken Wooi’s doing it for fun..don’t take things seriously..i like to post pics on food as well but I never get cornered or even feel cornered by his post..his blog is all about ‘sarcasm’ jokes…just enjoy :D

      1. yupz..ken just write it for entertainment purpose but at the same time he does have a point – that is it has become a habit for people to snap photos of the food before eating. And this post actually makes us think? why are we snapping it anyway? Well, from the comments, seems like everyone had their own reasons – for remembrance, show off, fun, and passion for food.

    2. Some reason told me you’re someone who posted some food pics but no one like it because I am surprised that such a post could actually make you off and even feel narcissistic? Wow~~ That’s too much hilarious!! I rather feel this post is funny but your comment is even funnier~~

  12. i just wondering if they knew that posting ‘food picture’ will make others starving…??are they so happy knowing that people starving looking their ‘so happy lunch this food’ picture?? do they really think people will like it?huhhhhh..actually every single day,my friends posted ‘burger bakar’…why?is that so fascinating?

  13. Ahahakk..honestly i dislike people who had to snap photos before makan (all the time) during a normal outing. But i can accept occassional incidents, where the food is being presented so beautifully. =)

  14. Haha oh no, guilty as charged. But I don’t do it as often as I used to, maybe because I find that the food gets colder, faster here, so by the time I wait for Instagram to load, snap pictures, edit, etc etc, the food would be cold! I value hot food very much now that it’s winter! :)

  15. I only take pictures of expensive foods… come to think of it, that’s a lot of food! LOL.

    btw, Armstrong here. We met at the blogopolis. It was an honour to meet you ;) and maybe if u bought a smartphone already, things will change with your choice of subject… wakakaa.

  16. But your food photos are ugly! That’s why you’re not getting “Likes”. I’ll help you cheat, ok? Download Instagram or Photo Wonder and put a filter on it.

    That, or become a hot girl. Hot girls get a lot of FB photo “Likes”.

  17. HAHAAHAHAHAAHA really lo if nobody dont like my food picture i will like….okay….put hastag…if not working…delete? nah hahaha

    follow me on instagram with my food…pictures….which is mainly all always salmon sushi set WTF XD @angelineng92

  18. When I go out with my colleagues, they would be busy clicking on food photos instead of connecting and relating. But with get-together with long time friends, we just talk about our lives- even though they are avid FB users, they were not busy snapping photo pics.

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