The Pokemon Noodles Adventure

The Pokemon Noodles Adventure

Honestly, I’ve NEVER heard of an eatery that names itself as Pokemon Noodles House.

Well, as amusing as it may sound, this noodles house actually exist in a nearby town not far away from the city… in Kepong.

pokemon noodles house kepong

After being told about this interestingly-named eatery, we decided to venture into Kepong (a place I rarely explore) and look for it.

Oh, yes! We were on a Pokemon Noodles Adventure!

So after some missed-turns and U-turns (p/s: no GPS lah), we finally found Pokemon Noodles House! I was expecting to see Pokemon characters around the restaurant but…

pokemon noodles house

All I see was just ordinary humans having their lunch. There weren’t any cute fluffy Pokemon jumping around and battling each other.

That sucks.

By the way, we asked a staff regarding the eatery’s name. The lady said it’s because they want to be unique. Hmm? But I don’t see any uniqueness in “Pokemon”. Meh.

pokemon noodles house menu

Anyway, a lunch it was. The choices of noodles are rather limited. A small bowl is RM4.50, while a big one is RM5.00.

We ordered a bowl of Tom Yam noodles, another bowl of Dry Pan Mee, and fish cake.

pokemon tom yam noodles

The Yom Yam noodles’ flavouring wasn’t all that strong, but the soup has a tinge of spiciness that is enough to make you sweat.

pokemon pan mee

Meanwhile, the Dry Pan Mee was pretty ordinary. There’s nothing so Pokemon-ish about it and I’ve tasted better elsewhere.

pokemon fish cake

As for the fish cake, it doesn’t look like what I was expecting. Frankly, it’s pricey at RM4.50. But surprisingly this layer-textured fish cake tasted pretty good.

So with the stomach growling “FEED ME!”, I started to eat the Pokemon noodles…

asian eating

While I was having mouthfuls after mouthfuls, a strange feeling started overwhelming my body. It was uncomfortable.

I can’t explain how it actually felt. But as it was happening, my head started to swell and my face was turning… yellow.

It was captured on camera… LOOK!

asian eating yellow

The strange sensation then got stronger and suddenly…





pokemon pikachu eating




pokemon noodles house business hour

Pikapi, Pokemon Pika Pika pikapi pika 8am pika 5pm pikapi, pikapi pika pika pika pikapi pika pikapi.

Translation: Anyway, Pokemon Noodles House operates from 8am to 5pm in a day, but I’m not sure of any off-day due to the excessive taping on the board.

Pika pikapi, pika pika pika. Pikapi pika pika Pikachu pika!

Translation: The food was OK, nothing so special about it. But I was delighted to be Pikachu for a day!

pokemon pikachu posing


Translation: KTHXBAI!!!

Pokemon Noodles House
Jalan 6/38D, Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut (or Kepong), 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Refer to image above
GPS Coordinates: 3.1894, 101.6527
Tel: 1-300-POKE-MON (Nah kidding, I don’t know)

36 thoughts on “The Pokemon Noodles Adventure

  1. Hahaha, do I get to change to another pokemon if I ordered another type of noodles? I would like to be mew for a day ! Flying around scaring people hehe

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf you actually blogged with Pikachu’s language! I nearly fell from the chair wtf. By the way, Mr. Pika Ken, you’re looking cute there. LOLOLOL!

  3. haha man, you are amazing.
    initially, i thought,yea,i can’t see anything related to Pokemon cuty guy.

    Then you turn yourself into POKEMON after eating the food. That’s so awesome, I even get to immerse myself in your situation by thinking I were at that restaurant.

    Ahaha, funny post!

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