Sexy Ladies Don’t Admit It

Sexy Ladies Don’t Admit It

As a perfectly straight dude, I gotta admit that sexy ladies really catches my attention.

sexy lady sleeping

No, it’s not about the face, neither is it about the personality. Actually, it relates to the way they dress up – basically, the lesser and/or the tighter their outfit is, the sexier they are.

If you compliment them that they’re sexy (in their outfit), chances are they will brush you off by saying “NO LAH, WHERE GOT?!” and maybe then, blushing away.

Well, according to them, it’s the fashion sense – and nothing about being sexy.

sexy fashion book

BUT… I beg to differ!

Denying the fact that you look sexy is similar to denying the fact that you’re a lady. If you dress up in such manner, it makes sense that you’re outright sexy.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby reveal the 5 types of so-called obvious “fashion by ladies” that shouts out – I’m Sexy and I Know It, But I Don’t Admit It…


1) Revealing bra strap.

Perfect with sleeveless or spaghetti tops, showing off the bra straps is a clear sign of sexiness. The more obvious it is, the more guys you (or the bra strap) attract.

purple bra strap show off

They say it’s fashion, but guys say it’s alluring.

2) Low cut front.

Ahh… this is so common. Low cut front dresses are the easiest way to flaunt that beautiful Happy Valley. The deeper the valley, the sexier she is.

low cut black top

They say it’s fashion, but guys just love the sexy cleavage. #truestory

3) Dark lingerie with see-through top.

This is pretty common too. Ladies wear light-colored and semi-transparent shirt on the outside, and a dark-colored bra on the inside. Guys enjoy looking at the seen-through bra from the back. If they’re lucky, the curves on the front as well. ;)

black bra in white shirt

They say it’s fashion, but guys know you want us to check out your bra.

4) Bikini.

What more can I say about bikini? One part covers 1/2 the boobs and the other part covers the private part, leaving a huge uncovered area between the two. SO SEXY!

chinese in bikini

They say it’s simple fashion on the beach, but guys enjoy gazing at the skimpy you.

5) Mini skirt or hot pants.

Another sexy part of a lady’s body – the legs! You know you have good-looking legs, hence exposing them. Top it off with a pair of heels, and it’ll be a blast of sexiness! KABOOM!!!

mini skirt

They say it’s fashion (or nothing else to wear), but guys are¬†attracted¬†to beautiful legs.


So yeah, I don’t believe it when ladies claim that they don’t realize that it’s sexy to be dressing up like that. Coz apparently, they choose to not admit the portrayed sexiness.

sexy elisha cuthbert

Look at her – revealing bra straps, low cut top, black bra visible beneath the top, super mini hot pants, and… orange top! Sexiness at its perfection! :D

So ladies, is it a crime to be sexy? Do you feel guilty for being sexy? No? So why lah so humble? If you’re feeling sexy, then just say feeling sexy lah.

For Example…

I bumped into this photo of a girl on Facebook. She uploaded it, obviously…

sexy chinese girl

The photo caption: I’m a simple person, who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.

According to an analytical study of the photo by Professor Ken Wooi, the caption actually has a hidden meaning…

The intended caption: I’m a sexy person, who shows off my booby cleavage behind the middle-exposing semi-transparent black top. You’re not looking at my happiest smile, but I know where you’re looking at! *wink*

In fact, her smile is not even gleefully happy. Nevertheless, like I’ve said – if she’s feeling sexy, then just say feeling sexy lah. No need to beat around the boobs bush mah. But this photo itself got 1.7k likes. Oh well, sex sells gains likes huh? ;)


Disclaimer: This theory doesn’t apply to low self-esteemed ladies, horizontally-challenged ladies (pardon me, have to be honest), and…

…transvestite “ladies”.

wearing mini skirt

Oh wait… HELL NO!

I’m NOT gonna dress up as a lady and post up here. It’s SO against my ‘Man of Straightness’ principle, and it’s a crime (yes, it is!) for me to do so!


P/S: Ladies, if you’re reading this, you know I’m telling the truth, right? ;)

39 thoughts on “Sexy Ladies Don’t Admit It

  1. I love showing off my legs bcoz that’s the part I’m confident with, and I actually enjoy being praised as sexy. In fact, quite a few of my frens always say I’m sexy and I take that as a compliment. After all, it’s not wrong to be sexy and be fashinable at the same time right?

  2. Hahahahaha for this post!!!! The best part is, they complained when suspicious looking guys leer at them but not when hot guys do haha!! Or they bitch about other girls doing it when they themselves do it! lol

  3. Nice one ken! But I think there is a fine line between sexiness and slutiness. Some girls ooze classy sexiness just by the way they behave and showing just “enough”. Not too much. Sluts well… Haha. Maybe you could write a post about that! I think that would really be interesting!

  4. I agree with iamthewitch, that doesn’t turn me on at all.

    #1, #2, #4 does nothing for me, while #3 when tastefully done is nice and #5 works for me coz different preference. ;)

  5. There are still horizontally challenged girls showing off their sexy side a lot!!

    But then there’s just one thin line between sexy and slutty, and girls can tell really well who’s sexy and who’s a slut. We’re natural slut detectors. =p

  6. I never think that revealing bra strap is SEXY hahaha I always do that but it’s just because I don’t like to wear strapless bra! LOL

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