7 Ways To Write A Post So Funny

7 Ways To Write A Post So Funny

…That It Makes People Wet Their Pants. (It’s supposed to be with the title but I think it’s a little too long)

Readers have told me that they’ve laughed so hard that they almost fall off their office chairs reading my posts. I’ve also heard some spitted out the filling of the curry-puff onto the computer screen, and that my posts made their day.

Each time I hear one, I beam with “Sure Or Not?” pride.

caution wet floor sign

It’s not easy to discover bloggers who are funny like hell these days. It’s either they try too hard or the jokes are stale.

Nevertheless, since I’m feeling generous and handsome today, I’m sharing some tactics that I’ve been using to come up with funny (hopefully!) posts…


1) Make fun of yourself.

People don’t like to laugh at themselves, but they adore laughing at you. So don’t poke fun at others (even if you think it’s hilariously funny) because people do get offended.

But if you make a joke out of yourself, no one gets offended! Yahoo!

funny sleeping position

Oops, I think you can see my underwear there! *shy*

Another example: There are many fat people out there, but I knew I needed to start losing weight when both of these chairs broke when I sat on them…

broken chairs

That was so long ago. I was a fatty, remember?

2) Think like a kid.

It’s funny when you unleash the kid inside you. As a grown adult, being all kiddy makes people laugh. Say, wanting to be a superhero.

ken man

Also, certain childish words and expressions never fail to make people laugh. They are: pooping, watering the toilet bowl, and eating my pants off.

3) Write the opposite of what people expect.

People always expect clichés. People don’t expect originality, so booby-trap them with one.

An example of a cliché that is not funny: I ate food, it was delicious. An example of something unexpected that could make it funny: I ate food, it was so tasty that my shit smells damn good too!

peanut butter cream

Don’t worry, that’s not shit you’re looking at. Just peanut butter cream. Yums!

Oh yeah, that’s why love stories aren’t funny. I love you, you love me, and we live happily ever after – TOO cliché.

4) Use the funniest words.

Intellectual words make your readers feel mentally un-gifted, and they don’t like to be undermined. Don’t be a smartass. Instead, use simple words that sound funny. Generally, taboo words are funny. Like, pre-mature ejaculation. Sppluurtttt!

Anyway, here’s an example, a short story…

blackboard ken barbie 1

Simple story, but it’s boring and no one’s gonna laugh.

So let’s change some words and phrasing…

blackboard ken barbie 2

I suppose it’s funnier now!

That’s why panties are funny, but underwear is not. It’s also why boobs are funny, but breasts are not. But being Malaysian, tetek is funnier than boobs.

5) Find alternatives to curse words.

Writing creative curse words not only prevents you from offending people, it can also generate laughs. For instance, which is funnier: Fuck, or Fark? Buttocks, or Ass?

6) Write about topics that make people uncomfortable.

What makes people uncomfortable? Boobs, curse words, lingerie, and farting. It’ll be funnier if you can group them together.

looking at lingerie

For example: Her boobies are so farking sexy in that bra, I ogled at them and I farted with joy.

7) Photoshop yourself.

This is probably THE key ingredient when I prepare a post for kenwooi.com – photo manipulation is funny when it’s done right.

barbie and ken

Or perhaps, photoshop your girlfriend too. She ain’t gonna be mad at you for long.


So yeah, those are 7 ways to write a post so funny that it makes people wet in their pants. Did you? Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, I’m always impressed by people who have a good sense of humor, as in… they can laugh at the simplest joke. I really wish I could acquire that skill too, because whenever I write…

bored face

I don’t laugh at my own blog posts. I think I need to see a doctor.

Maybe he’ll give me some medicine…

fml medicine

FML = Follow My Laughter… Ha-ha-ha.

28 thoughts on “7 Ways To Write A Post So Funny

  1. Haha! I agree, you have to have good Photoshop skillz to do all that. I’m not good in Photoshop at all. :x

    It’s a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself.

    Keep it up bro, good job. :)

  2. hahaha yupp totally agree. and u should be glad you are gifted with that talent. =p because ppl like me just mind jam and cant think of anything.

  3. I never did notice the whole ‘tetek’ part but ya..so true. Lol!I remember my sis saying ‘sarung tetek’ instead of bra and the rest of us laughed so hard.

  4. ROFL @ Barbie in Ken’s hair :P Looks like a REAL barbie on sale out there attempting some chic hairstyle :D

  5. Although I never wet my pants before, but sometimes your post really makes me burst into laugh. I still remembered I came across your blog was when I saw you were being featured in Blogger of the Month in Nuffnang website and starting from there, I love and enjoy every of your post. Immediately place your blog in my blogroll. =D

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