Dangerous Bukit Tinggi

Dangerous Bukit Tinggi

So, I was in a French Village.

bukit tinggi

Not in France though. It’s the one in Malaysia.

To begin with, if you would have imagined Paris as a place like Colmar Tropicale, you’ll be disappointed. This village doesn’t resemble the so-called city of romance, at all.

In fact, it’s modeled after the actual Colmar Village in Alsace (I don’t know where the french it is), France.

bukit tinggi french village

Anyway, it’s actually a nice view here – probably due to the unique-looking and… clean buildings. It’s like a settlement.

Eventually, I took photos of the buildings around Colmar Tropicale…

bukit tinggi colmar tropicale

Then, I took photos of animals around Colmar Tropicale. Here’s a white swan…

white swan

After that, I took photos at the boring Botanical garden…

botanical garden

And lastly, I took photos at the Japanese Village…

japanese village stones

Too bad no Japanese chicks were spotted though.

Anyway, when I was there, I can’t help but to notice some of the signboards. These signboards somehow convey a message that it’s dangerous to be at Bukit Tinggi.

For example…

no lifeguard on duty

If you’re at the swimming pool, there is no lifeguard on duty. If you drown, you die. Thank you for visiting Bukit Tinggi.

There are animal-related danger as well…

caution sign

If monkeys (or any other forms of wildlife) attacked you, the management is not responsible. So if you bump into an animal, run for your life! Thank you for your cooperation.

Meanwhile, it seems dangerous at the car park too…

park at your own risk

If you don’t know how to park properly, you’re at risk. Or maybe, it’s risky to park your car nowadays. So, don’t drive.

Which brings me to my next sighting – it’s also dangerous to drive at Bukit Tinggi…

drive at your own risk

It’s a risky place to drive, drive at your own risk. Can’t take the risk? Don’t drive.

Well, with all these risk-related signboards around, Bukit Tinggi must be excellent in its Risk Management – putting up warnings here, there and everywhere.

However, my trip wasn’t so dangerous after all. But you know what, I realized that the only matter that is “risky” in Bukit Tinggi is…

expensive burger

A burger and one drink cost… RM15. WAH LAO!!!

Now that’s a definite RISK to my wallet weh! No, thanks! *runs for my life*

34 thoughts on “Dangerous Bukit Tinggi

  1. I just went there last weekend and cursing at how hot and bored it is up there! It’s not even high lah that place, Bukit Tinggi pfft! I haven’t even got the chance to blog about it n here you are out of no where so dangerous! haha…

  2. ‘Drive at your own risk’ is kinda ridiculous. Of course drive on our own risk. LOL. RM15 for a burger is quite too much, unless it’s extra big lah.

  3. Good post! I went there b4 for my honeymoon, it was such a great disappointment!! They have another attraction which is horse riding, it was a scary and painful experience. Luckily we visited the rabbit farm as our last stop, we had sweet memorable exp as consolation. Still, nothing much to do or see there.

  4. I went to Bukit Tinggi once. A pretty boring place, I must say. After checking out the place and took some photos with the buildings’ background, not much else we could do there. Dining is so expensive too. I think we all left Bukit Tinggi after spending around 2 hrs there.

  5. I have never been to Bukit Tinggi before. But it does look like it is really small with not much to see not much to do.

    RM15.00 burger is more expensive than McD! Rageeee

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