Have A Blast!

Have A Blast!

Over a week ago, it was my Birthday. As usual, friends sent their wishes.

Before that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Facebook for reminding them about it. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.

lighter fire

Anyway, the interesting thing that got my attention during that “special day” was the way birthday wishes were conveyed. Here are some…

justin bieber birthday wish

“Have a blast!” – from my best buddy, Justin Bieber.

Yes, have another blast on Twitter!

facebook birthday wish

And… even the almighty Tham told me to have a blast!

Well, “Have a blast” is a common phrase everyone’s using as an add-on to “Happy Birthday”. Because, nothing else is more awesome than that. “Have a nice day” and “Have a good time” sound… boring.

So I was wondering, what does “Have a blast” actually imply?

I got all sorts of answers, definitions and one even said… “It means that one shouldn’t just blow out candles on a cake – go sky diving, hike Everest, or something crazy fun!”

Pretty true.

But honestly, all I could think of when one tells me to “have a blast” is…


world trade center 911

Be a suicide bomber!

It’s like… Hey, it’s your Birthday, so get some explosives and explode! Have a blast! Boom! Heh, okay… not funny. :/

Anyway, on a related note, I received this cute gift…

krakow dragon body

It’s a green (and orange too), and it’s called… Krakow!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new pet – a pet dragon! :D

krakow dragon

Ever since he came into my life, Krakow has been having lots of fun – especially during my personal camwhore session at home.

Just ook at what Krakow does whenever I try to camwhore…

krakow dragon cute

He’s so┬ámischievous! That totally ruined my supposedly awesome camwhore photo! Pfftt!

And to think of it… if you were to tell me to “have a blast” the other day, I think Krakow would do a better job in having a blast…

krakow dragon fire

RAWR!!! Similar with having a blast, right? ;)

Anyway, I would like thank you all for the wishes too! As for the Guess My Age mini-quiz earlier, the answer is… Donkey!

Results: Out of 16 genuine guesses (aka comments), only 1 got it right. The others think I look like an “uncle” already. Heh.

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    1. Oh.. i tot i commented already then I realized this is another Jean. =p
      ya.. i also dunno since when i start adding “have a blast” behind “happy birthday”. but i didn’t give u any blast, did i?

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