How To Be Suave For Guys

How To Be Suave For Guys

I may not be the best person around to talk about being suave. As much as I want to be, simplicity is always my choice.

But dear men, it’s an utmost importance to look good. You’ve gotta be charming, confident and elegant to achieve the suaveness.

hello good looking

And perhaps, that helps with impressing the ladies as well. ;)

If I have to pick one man on Earth to demonstrate the best traits of being suave, he has to be none other than…

nuffnang blog awards wall

Yes, I’m not kidding here! That man is… Ken Wooi! He is definitely the most suave guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. :D

In the event of this blog entry, I approached Ken Wooi and he has given 5 tips on being suave. According to him, it’s all about the looks, and nothing about the brain. So you can be dumbest person around, and yet be the one with the most dashing look.

Just follow the tips below!


Tip 1: Apply AXE deodorant.

axe deodorants

A deodorant a day keeps the armpit odor at bay. ;)

Tip 2: Wear a suave shirt.

suave shirts

Suave makes you look suave.

Tip 3: Wear black formal pants.

black formal pants

No pleats please. They make the pants look uncle-ish and it’s an unsightly design.

Tip 4: Put on a stylish tie.

maroon tie

Get one with solid color, please. Big “NO” to cartoon designed ties – those with Bugs Bunny or Tweety Bird designs on it.

Tip 5: Wear a coat.

black coat

Black one would do. It’s the universal color for clothing.


So yeah, those are the 5 tips mentioned by Ken Wooi. Basically, it summarizes to… SUIT UP!

You know what, every time I think of my own physical appearance, I can imagine a suave dude posing with a cool manner!

david beckham formal

Damn… so suave, so charming, so unbelievably Ken “Beckham” Wooi.

So ladies, have you been charmed by Ken’s suaveness? Say you do! ;)


Oh wait, if you think you are suave (and perhaps “sexy” as well) like Ken Wooi, I recommend you to join a contest by AXE Malaysia. The grand prize, you ask?

It’s an all expense paid 4D3N trip to the Caribbean Island for a beach getaway, and AXE wants to send the best man there – with Fay Hokulani. Oh yeah, you get to bring 1 guy friend along too!

fay hokulani

Woah… with Fay Hokulani?! She’s damn hot weh, eh?

As you may know, Fay’s definitely got great taste in beachwear. Think you can match her sexiness? So show AXE what YOU would be wearing on Anarchy Island by hopping onto AXE Malaysia’s Facebook Page, and submit your most creative photo and comment!

fay hokulani beach

Woah, Hokulani… I gotta tell you this – hou kool la ni!

Unfortunately Ken Wooi is too occupied to participate in the contest. So that means you have 1 less person to compete with. Heh! ;)

So get creative and you’ll be one step closer to seeing Fay in bikini and having an awesome getaway with her! May the best man win!

axe anarchy deodorant

By the way, there’s also a contest for bloggers. You gotta showcase your best effort to charm the opposite gender, or perhaps tell what pick up lines you use and how do you get the attention of a lady?

Click here for more information – AXE Anarchy Island Getaway.

6 thoughts on “How To Be Suave For Guys

  1. Hey, nice calendar on Tip #1. ;)

    I think that person was using it as a room deodorizer not as a deodorant, judging from the way it’s turned to April and the stuff on the side. Heh.

    Seriously though, it’s a great contest, would love to win it! A Caribbean island trip, now that’s the dream! :)

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