I Want A Bigger & Better TV

I Want A Bigger & Better TV

Whenever I’m not staring on the computer screen to surf the Internet, the next screen I’d be staring at has to be the television.

In fact, it’s quite fun to be a couch potato sometimes.

tv remote control

I always enjoy watching documentaries on how things are made, aliens and fascinating stories. Well, sports as well on the weekend.

But there’s a downside to watching TV in my house…

old crt tv

The current one is pretty… outdated. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a CRT TV. Despite that, I consider myself fortunate since I’m still able to watch my favourite channels.

But with the rapid advancement of technology lately, I realize that in order to keep in touch with the latest trendy community, I have to get my hands on a BIGGER and BETTER TV.

So, I dropped by senQ…

senq outlet

With so many electrical appliances under one roof, I’m very sure that I’ll find my next TV here.

elba bosch

It’s really exciting to see various appliances from various brands at various sections within the outlet. It felt like “Toys R Us” in there – only that it’s for the adults instead.

Oh wait, do you know that “Kenwooi” is one of the available brands too? Its core products are mainly kitchen appliances…

kenwooi product

KENWOOI – It makes me proud!

Since I’m the official brand ambassador, I was asked to take a photo with the brand new kitchen machine. Awesome? ;)

Anyway, after walking around for quite a bit, I finally spotted the TV section!

samsung smart tv

Woah, they have a massive collection of TVs! Smart TV, Internet TV, 3D TV – ask any type of TV and I’m sure they’ll usher you to your desired TV model.

As for myself, I requested to check out the Samsung Plasma 51″ TV…

samsung plasma tv

Know what, I fell in love with it almost instantly. This TV is super big, super clear and super attractive!

I can’t help but to spend some quality time with it, before deciding to make a purchase.

watching tv sit

And, and… the display is really amazing! My, I was simply dumbfounded. :D

Oh by the way, in-conjunction with Senheng’s 23rd Anniversary Real Power, they’re organizing a contest to send 100 badminton fans to India Open 2013 to watch badminton matches live!

senheng anniversary contest

At senQ, you gotta take a creative photo with the paper board badminton players and stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2! Check out https://apps.facebook.com/senq_snapnwin to find out more.

Also, there are many reasons to buy from senQ. Plus One members can have additional 1 year warranty with just RM12.

senq plus one card

With V-Care, members can also choose to extend extra years of warranty. Not forgetting their one-to-one replacement for small appliances if they’re spoiled within 2 years.

Anyway, I was so glued to the Samsung Plasma 51″ that I started making myself at home at senQ…

watching tv lie down

I can’t stop admiring the beautiful creation of plasma.

Oh yeah, I dare admit that I’m in love with the TV, and I don’t feel gay at all.

watching tv hug

Seriously, I don’t even feel gay even though there’s a cute dude on the screen while I was hugging it.

Then, a brilliant idea struck my mind – why not just bring it home?! :D


samsung tv catch 1

I didn’t realize that I was watched by a promoter…

samsung tv catch 2

Apparently, he thought I was acting suspiciously. So he dragged me away from my beloved TV! o.O

Hey, I won’t leave without it! And with 36 months 0% interest credit card installment, I will bring it home! #determined

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  1. How much for that TV. 51″ must be darnnnnn expensive.. Oh btw, there’s a first branch of SenQ in Kuching located in Bourlevard Hypermall New Wing. Checked out and it’s really like the “Toys’R’Us” for adults.

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