Deceiving Advert on Facebook

Whenever I have access to the Internet, one website that I’ll definitely visit, besides (duh!), is… Facebook.

To be honest, it’s a must-visit site these days. I bet many of you share the same sentiment, right?

facebook wall

Anyway, while I was casually stalking surfing on Facebook one day, an advertisement on my news feed caught my attention.

Before I move on, one of Facebook’s revenue channels is through advertisement units – there are link situated on the right most column of Facebook.

So, this advert made me pause for a bit…

best of canon

Hmm… there’s an interesting factor about this particular “Best of Canon!” advert.

It’s certainly not the “BIGGEST Online Shopping Mall” phrase as I’m not an avid shopper. Frankly, it has something to do with the photo.

best of canon ad zoom

Wow, an underwater booby babe with a camera?! How interesting is that?

So I thought to myself – If I click on the link, it should direct me to a website with more sexy photos of babes with cameras. Never mind the cameras, what’s more important is that I can check out babes! :D

Without much hesitation, I clicked on the link. A new page started to load, and…


lazada website

Huh… WHAT?! Cameras only?! Where did the sexy babe gone to?

To my dismay, I had to accept the fact that it was all a gimmick used by the advertiser to trick and lure people to their website.

And, it’s also an untold fact that…

booby advert meme

I think I fell into one, but I am innocent!

18 Comments for Deceiving Advert on Facebook

  1. Noooo you’re the booby pervert!!! LOL! *gotcha!*

  2. Most advertisements are like that!

  3. it’s a “boobtrap”!!

  4. can dnt so humsup or not ah u??

  5. Hahaha.. Anything related to boobs, absolutely attract you one. Why don’t you check out my post Wohahaha..

  6. No! You’re not innocent! hahahaha!

  7. lol. Funny de la u.

  8. at least you are being honest

  9. Lol after clicking just once years ago, i take every ad with a sexy babe as a scam ad. Looper review

  10. I love boobs… I even shaved my head for it xD

  11. just the word or pics of Boobs and kenwooi is all sexcited dy..

  12. Lol, clever advertising! :D

  13. New advertisement tactic. You have been trick…. lol

  14. Visiting to see if you have any new post yet =) Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning review

  15. Deceiving indeed. Booby trap kanasai!

  16. There’s booby traps everywhere

  17. u know, sometimes there is a list of amoi and showed how many of my friend subscribe this person hahahaha!

  18. :) i like ur blog/posts…interesting…

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