My Feet Love Fish Spa

I’ve never experienced fish spa before – only saw others experiencing it.

legs feet

That’s until the day my beloved feet visited The Streams at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

fish spa stream

Mum wanted to try it out and I decided to go for it too, well, since mum offered to pay for it. ;)

As I looked into the pond with a swarm of fishes, funny thoughts went through my mind. What if… they nibble my feet until the bones are exposed?

fish spa feet

What if the fishes are full? Or, what if my feet are too stinky that the fishes die?

Oh well, since we’ve already paid for it, my feet are all ready to be dipped.


fish spa dip


The fishes didn’t waste time and started to nibble right away. It felt as if I’m a huge pacifier for these fishes.

However, the ticklish feeling became less intense throughout the session.

dish spa dry

After 30 minutes, we were told that our fish spa session is up.

So I lifted up my feet into the air…

fish spa legs

Wow, my feet have never felt so good before. It felt… revitalized and refreshed.

fish spa feet clean

I touched the soul of my feet and it’s so soft and supple. I can’t believe that all the dead skin has been removed so naturally by a bunch of tiny fishes.

It’s like magic and the feet never felt the same as before. It’s as delicate as the feet of a newborn baby, just that it’s a few times bigger.

Know what…

fish spa feet love

I love my feet, and I’m having a relationship with it. <3

By the way, I’m just wondering – How often do you visit the fish spa? :)

19 Comments for My Feet Love Fish Spa

  1. i prefer to go the nail shop and enjoy mani and pedicure! :P

  2. I haven’t try this, and maybe never.. :p.. I love food more.. :p

  3. Never been before although, it looks like a lot of fun haha!

  4. never experience this before too, btw the fishes look “geli” for me and your feet really become smoother?

  5. how much for 30 min session??

  6. Echo STP, read about the virus too so never had the experience before kiasi mah haha. BTW hearsay if the second toe is longer than the big toe the person’s father will ‘go’ first. So far tested on a few people found some ‘truth’..Bananaz’s second toe is shorter than big toe which means mama shall ‘go’ first and true enough she passed on first..How true?…Bananaz Beleaf It Or Nought!

  7. Why you gotta pay them one ah? You risked your life from the contamination by the virus, wasted your time there to feed their fishes? On the contrary they should pay you for feeding their fishes hahaha.

  8. haha soft and fluffy now huh?

  9. Ok makes me wanna go for one now!

  10. so ur feet are smoother now ey? wanna go for a challenge? this one?

  11. Ewweeee… I wont dare to go for this! I love fish but I don’t want them nibbling on me..

  12. come let’s go KK and try their fish spa! confirm different!!

  13. having a relationship with it eh? I saw what you did there .. :P

  14. Fish spa? I prefer to go for a nice massage and spa instead! : D

  15. wow…i cant la..kind of geli a bit

  16. I haven’t experienced this yet. Maybe I won’t try it because I heard the rumors about virus-transmitting from the fishes. I’m not sure how valid is that news. careful yeah :)

  17. Tried once before.. It kinda tickles and I heard it’s good for our leg because those fishes bite away those dead skin cell. I heard, not sure about it though..

  18. This always look fun to me, but I haven’t try it and probably wouldn’t do it. :)

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