The Modern Kama Sutra

The Modern Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior. A portion of it consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse, which is what we know as the sex positions.

But in today’s modern world of technological advancements, the Kama Sutra practice has changed drastically. As a result, we now have… The Modern Kama Sutra.

modern kamasutra

After decades of research by Master Ken Wooi, he has finally developed the modern version of Kama Sutra.

“I’ve always been mesmerized with the interaction between humans and technology. Hence, The Modern Kama Sutra is a new standard for human technological behavior”, said Master Ken in a recent conference.

It has been a long wait for the avid practitioners, and today, the latest version of the ancient work will be revealed by Master Ken and his loyal companion – Apple Macbook!

with laptop on bed

Without further ado, we present to you… The Modern Kama Sutra. Remember, you saw it first on! ;)


kamasutra cosmo boy

Cosmo Boy – Start in with your legs spread just enough to let the device come in, creating more sustained engagement for yourself.

kamasutra super user

Super User – You’re in complete control here, and the reason it feels so good is that the device is literally sitting in front of your member.

kamasutra soft rock

Soft Rock – Because the device is in a closer position, the base of the device should naturally rub your legs, and you create even more friction.

kamasutra reach heavens

Reach for the Heavens – By holding the device up into the air, you create even more convenient movement. It gives you a full-frontal view of your device in action.

kamasutra rock roll

Rock & Roll – This knee rolled-up position makes you feel deliciously open and flexible, allowing you to rock your body while you make eye contact. The rocking motion draws out the satisfaction.

kamasutra missionary

Missionary – Unlike the other positions, this one allows for optimum eye contact and fingering. By lying down against a soft surface, you are at total comfort.

kamasutra on top

Device on Top – This position gives you tons of freedom and literally adds an exciting twist to your typical up-down motion. But without prior experience, your arms will suffer from fatigue.

kamasutra sideways samba

Sideways Samba – This position ensures that the device can give you maximum engagement, keeping you on the edge of ecstasy.

kamasutra bucking bronco

Bucking Bronco – The angle you create is great for stimulation. Plus, your hands are free to make the rest of your body move.

kamasutra saucy spoons

Saucy Spoons – This position is perfect for pleasant device usage, and the fact that you’re so close increases the intimacy. It’s another passion plus!

In another section, here are the advanced positions…

kamasutra hang ten

Hang Ten – Being bent forward gives you maximum depth and control, and the angle allows for more incredible legs-cracking pleasure.

kamasutra dirty dangle

Dirty Dangle – The blood will rush to your head, so you can experience the intensity as it send tingles to your whole body.


Alright, that’s all the positions extracted from The Modern Kama Sutra by Master Ken Wooi. For more positions, stay tuned to’s Facebook Page.

As usual, after every engagement, the male human will go off to clean his “mess” while leaving the device the bed…

laptop on bed

Hmm… Macbook must be exhausted from the earlier demonstration too.

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