Ken Wooi’s Spending Habit

Ken Wooi’s Spending Habit

Money, also known as wealth to the rich, is the means to acquire goods and services. It’s highly demanded by everyone on planet Earth – well, unless you’re already a rich tycoon’s child.

To understand the importance of money better, it simply means that… the more you have it, the more things you can do with your life.

malaysian ringgit

As cliche as it may sound, money definitely makes my world go round and round… just like the roller coaster. Whee! :D

Today, I’m gonna share a little insight to how I normally spend my money. Here’s a non-extensive breakdown on where my treasure chest is channeled too…



1) Food

chilli pan mee

Without food, I won’t survive. If I don’t survive, I can’t spend my money. Enough said. But I always try to eat as cheap as possible though.

2) Parking

parking rate board

My daily routine revolves around driving to desired destinations. I am required to drive out every single day, such as to work, to the mall, or to wherever I feel like going.

Tell me, where can we park for free these days?



1) Petrol

petrol price

The car needs to be filled up every weekend. This always burn a hole in my pocket – petrol is damn expensive!

2) Car Wash

auto car wash

A clean car is a beautiful beast on the road. Vroom!

3) Entertainment

cinema hall

Entertainment involves spending unnecessarily on unnecessary things, such as road trips and watching movies.

What?! Bloggers always watch for free, you say? If you take a look at’s Facebook Page, you’ll be informed that majority of my movie outings were self-purchased. ;)



1) Bills

utility bills

Bills such as electricity, water, and the Internet connection. More necessities in life.


Twice Yearly

1) Car Service

car service area

Scheduled for maintenance every 6 months, it’s the essential part of having a car. But I will vomit blood whenever I receive the service bill.

The figures would be higher when parts being replaced due to tear and wear! :/



1) Clothes

suave formal shirt

Believe it or not, I don’t have the tendency to buy clothes. I have a very small wardrobe.



1) Electronic Gadgets

new ipad

As much as I want all the latest and coolest gadgets in town, I always resist myself from such temptations. I’d rather have them for FREE, or simply win one.

But unfortunately, my pet named “Lucky” ran away.


Well, you may think that I’m super rich for such careful spending habits. But truth to be told, my earnings are just enough to make a living. :)

If I’m rich, I’d be driving a Ferrari already.

Oh wait…

ferrari toy car

I already have a Ferrari! Cool or not? ;)

23 thoughts on “Ken Wooi’s Spending Habit

    1. maybe.. maybe… he simpan his girfriend(s) in different places that he can’t remember or don’t want to mention here so put other excuses of spending money loh..

  1. hi ken. are you working at kpmg ? or somewhere around there? saw u at one world hotel during lunch break few times adi. nice blog u have. I am a ipoh girl , enjoyyyyyyy reading ur blog so much. ; )

  2. Dear Kenwooi,
    I am an ardent reader of your blog.Thanks for info.Well-achiever! Don’t worry about girlfriend. The right girl will come!Congratulations and well-done ! NB: Save some money for “mother”.

  3. Yoi very “geng” wor. Ten pieces of RM10 can use for so many things ah…kekeke…okay la i know its not 10 pcs only lah

    how you keep your elec bill so low? Less than rm50?? never use aircond and all cloths hand washed ka? Really magic leh. Can teach ka?

  4. Hello Ken, it’s been a while..

    “But truth to be told, my earnings are just enough to make a living.” – Yah, I guess we should do something about it right?

  5. Welcome to a life in KL~ Jom balik ipoh and stay with parents. We only need to pay for our petrol. HAHAHA.. In Ipoh, utilities and food is all well taken care of!

    P/S i guess you should also start planning on..
    1. car installments/house installments
    2. cukai tanah & cukai pintu


  6. HAHA i’m worse than you. i only buy clothes 2-3 years once. that’s why i kept wearing the same thing over and over again LOL. eh that ferrari toy car not cheap right? haha.

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