5 Casual Questions For A New Colleague

5 Casual Questions For A New Colleague

If you may have already known, I was offered a new job.

This opportunity came by as a surprise, to be honest. Being recommended to be part of a team that could make a change in the company, I was motivated for a better prospect in terms of developing myself.

Hence, I took the plunge.

job offer letter

Subsequently, I resigned from my used-to-be “dream” company. Fast forward to October 2012, I reported to work at the new office.

Being in a totally new environment means one thing – getting to know new people, or also known as new colleagues. There’s where you gotta interact.

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Besides asking questions related to your job scope, casual questions are equally important – especially during lunch breaks or after office hours.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 possible casual questions that you could ask to break-the-ice…


1) What is your name?

ken cup

Name is important. It may take time to remember, but it’s ideal that you remember on the spot. Unless it’s some complicated Chinese name like Chiong Fu Tzu, your memory would do fine.

But in case you forget, just ask again lah.

2) What do you do?

business notes

This question allows you to understand the job scope of your colleagues. It may not be related to your job, but it’s always good to know more.

3) How do you get to work?

malaysia traffic jam

Since the majority drive or take public transportation, this question may sound silly. But it gives you the opportunity to complain discuss about the terrible traffic and how long it takes for you to reach work.

Better still, complain talk about the pricey petrol price.

4) Where do you live?

Asking this question doesn’t mean you want to visit them. You ask because you want to expand your geographical knowledge.

malaysia road sign

I asked a new colleague this and he answered “Taman Melawati”. Honestly, I didn’t know where on Earth is that, but I gracefully answered “OOWHHHH”.

When I came back home, I googled-map “Taman Melawati”, found out its exact location, and “OOWHHHH” again.

5) Do you know where is the cheapest place for lunch?

restaurant street

Planning to avoid spending excessively on lunch? Yes? Then, this is THE ultimate question. Yes, if you’re wondering, I do ask that. ;)


Anyway, it’s a good start to a new chapter so far. The amount of information and guidance provided have been insightful and comprehensive, and I’ve been dedicating most of my time at work.

As a result, I have time constraint when it comes to doing what I used to do frequently – blogging.

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Nevertheless, I’m always available on my Twitter account – it’s updated way more frequently than my blog.

Oh by the way, maybe I can ask my new colleagues this too…


Do you read kenwooi.com?


Erm, wait… Better not!

26 thoughts on “5 Casual Questions For A New Colleague

  1. Congrats on your new job! Hey I asked those questions to my new colleagues too, except for the cheapest place for lunch. Coz there are no cheap places for lunch here and everyone brings their own lunch box!

  2. waaaaaahhh change job already??? Wow. it must’ve been eons since we last sat and rave. ok, talk. hahah… All the best with your new job!! And yeah, I haven’t been dropping by as often as well. But you are still and always near my heart~~ XD

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