Kiasu Computer

Coming up with a good name for a business is important, but it’s definitely not advisable to emphasize that you don’t wanna lose out in the competitive industry in the name of the business itself.

For example, this computer store spotted in Ipoh… named “Kiasu Computer”.

kiasu computer

It must be owned by a Singaporean. Just guessing.

16 Comments for Kiasu Computer

  1. I reckon Penangites are kia-su too LOL

  2. It has been a while since your last update!! how are you??
    BTW, this shop, at least it got your attention. LOL

  3. that was it? LOL!!

  4. LOL! kiasu?!! nice name =P

  5. LOL! When I first saw the title, I tot it was a new brand of computer like apple etc. Now I wonder who would go buying things at a shop with Kiasu Computer for a name? Ppl would think they’ll tend to overcharge or someth.

  6. Quite rare for Kiasu Ipoh mali? haha Sure attracted so much attention now.

  7. kiasu? sound like a motor brand

  8. noticed in KL there is one Clinic Dr K O

  9. Maybe he wants to be outstanding and want every1 to remember this KIASU computer shop

  10. haha, this is funny! out of ideas maybe.

  11. Not bad mah, at least they earn a free advertisement at famous blog of :)

  12. wavesssss.. :D long time no c bro, still kiasu as always? :P hehe #kidding .. catch you around soon weh.

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