Windows 8 in Malaysia!

Windows 8 in Malaysia!

Microsoft has announced its latest Windows 8, and it’s now in Malaysia!

windows 8 jersey

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got the opportunity to attend the Windows 8 launch and demonstration at Plaza Low Yat.

windows 8 launch

The launch started off with a welcome note by Ananth Lazarus, the Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia.

microsoft ananth lazarus

He basically shared the excitement towards the brand new Windows 8 and how it would generally impact the community – to create and consume content, whether during work or play.

Next, the Windows 8 Demonstration was presented by Danny Ong and Shiao Peng, Microsoft Malaysia’s Chief Marketing & Operations Officer and Technology Strategist respectively.

windows 8 demo

They demonstrated cool features of the Windows 8 and some apps that are available from the new Microsoft Store.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what Windows 8 has to offer – it’s like a full-fledged desktop-based OS designed to be compatible with tablet devices.

windows 8 event

As of the launch date, hardware partners in Malaysia such as Asus, Dell and Samsung (and may more) have announced the availability of Windows 8 devices.

windows 8 purple

This is the typical Start screen with Live Tiles feature on Microsoft Windows 8 – with customized fancy background, of course.

The Start screen provides immediate access to multiple social applications and delivers live updated information at a glance.

windows 8 point

It has a fast and fluid movement that doesn’t lag at all. Smooth and it’s quite fun to flick around – although it requires the adoption of unique finger gestures to operate it completely.

windows 8 photo

I personally like the aesthetics of Windows 8. It’s definitely something new which we rarely come across – particularly the Tiles concept.

windows 8 screen

Well, I may not have used it extensively, but if Windows 8 is able to blow away iOS and Andriod in terms of ease of use, functionality and speed…

windows 8 touch

I think I’ll grab one for myself. :D

Or… Microsoft Malaysia, erm… care to sponsor me one? Please? ;)

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