The Big Bad Wolf Search

The Big Bad Wolf Search

As a true Malaysian, I have to be honest – I don’t read. I rather spend my leisure time walking aimlessly in a shopping mall, eating like it’s the end of the world, or posting self-indulging statuses on Facebook.

Which is why I never would have thought of visiting the Big Bad Wolf…

big bad wolf banner

But I did.

So yeah, it’s probably one of the most talked about event for the past few weeks. Everyone seems to be so into reading books all of a sudden.

Because of that, I had to join the enthusiastic crowd and queue up in my car.

malaysia traffic jam

I didn’t expect this many cars to be heading to the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at The Mines Resort.

The scene was a resemblance of cars queuing up to fill up their petrol tank when the government announces a steep hike in petrol prices.

waiting in car

I don’t even queue for an iPhone, what more for books.

Anyway, a few minutes later, I managed to reach the world’s biggest book sale!

big bad wolf entrance

Without much ado, we proceeded into the den of the Big Bad Wolf.

big bad wolf floor plan

The den’s floor plan seems pretty organized. The Big Bad Wolf must be hiding somewhere inside – and I’m gonna search for it!

Inside the hall, everyone was looking for books. Some with stacks of books, and some with boxes of books.

big bad wolf hall

The known fact about Malaysians is that we don’t boast a positive reading culture in our country. It’s in some statistics, I believe. So it’s quite mind-boggling to see so many people over here, buying books!

Well, perhaps it’s due to the pressure from the society.

big bad wolf books

It’s like a grand sale at a shopping mall – since the products (books) are greatly discounted, the society perceives it as a necessity to spend. Therefore, others jump onto the bandwagon of spending mode.

Whether the books are actually read or not, it’s a different matter altogether. ;)

big bad wold customer

Anyway, let’s look at some of the interesting books that are on sale at the Big Bad Wolf…

how to live dangerously

How To Live Dangerously – It’s no surprise that we’re living in a dangerous world these days. Crime here, crime there. You think you can survive so easily?

money talks bullshit walks

Money Talks, Bullsh*t Walks – If you combine the phrases “No Money No Talk” and “Walk The Talk”, and throw in some bullshit, you’ll get this book title. That’s how a business rolls.

jane's guide to dicks

Jane’s Guide To Dicks – Sounds wrong, especially when the title emphasizes on “Dicks” from the phrase “Tom, Dick & Harry”. I suppose it’s a guide for horny ladies to handle horny guys. *points at book cover*

And oh, I spotted a damaged book too!

confessions of a shopaholic

It must have been bitten by an animal – which reminds me that I’m still in the search of the Big Bad Wolf! He must be somewhere nearby!

So I decided to get onto a higher floor to spot the wolf.

big bad wolf hall view

I huffed and I puffed all the way up, but the Big Bad Wolf can’t seems to be seen anywhere around the hall.

Feeling disappointed, I gave up and went to the cashier.

big bad wolf plastic

Well, it has been a long afternoon walking inside MIECC while searching high and low for the Big Bad Wolf.

I thought I would be leaving without a glimpse of the Big Bad Wolf. But hold on, can you guess what I saw on the streets?

big bad wolf

I think I saw the Big Bad Wolf! :D

5 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf Search

  1. Yes indeed. I myself witness people spending just because it’s so cheap and so many others are buying like crazy. Society pressure. But being a book freak as I am, I spent a lot on this sales :3

  2. I went there on 16th December to get my 3rd batch of books. Yes, I’m just as crazy as the others who love to buy & read my own purchased books. I can’t remember if I borrow from others anymore. Hahaha.

    So, my 1st batch – I asked my friend to buy for me ( I paid for that of course) . 2nd batch – my buddy bought for me as well since I’m from Muar.


    Well, at least U bought some books too Ken :D

  3. ho ho ho….i went 4 rounds…been there every year since 2009.

    Uikks…tarak see the BBW(not big breast woman) ah? Hmm…he usually will round the hall selling the merchandise wor

    You went friday sure jam like Hxxx. That day they having 60hours sale non stop leh.

    The previous week lagi crazy..the jam starts from Palace of Golden horses toll.

    But i can say that it’s worth it la for me coz me pokai one…cannot afford full price book/

    wei..they gng to have BBWS afterMath sale la. They haven annouce yet. I think sometime this month or noext month.

    books lagi cheap…Prev yrs was between RM1-RM5. But be warn first la. Those books at the aftermath sale is a bit “charn” coz like the one kena bitten off or pages got folded one la.

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