My X-citing FHM Calendar 2013

My X-citing FHM Calendar 2013

It’s a brand new spanking year, and everyone has been updating their physical calendars with new ones. We get them by different means – some given and some we ask for just because it’s… FREE!

This year, I got myself an interesting calendar…

FHM calendar 2013

It’s known as the 2013 FHM Calendar, and it got me really… EXCITED!

To me, personally, I believe this year is gonna be a great year and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for me.

So today, we’re gonna look through the calendar together, and see what each individual month has to offer…

FHM calendar girl 2013 january

In January 2013, it’s just the start of the year. If you sit back and relax, you’ll realize that January is the time to take a breather and ponder on things ahead.

When you see an attractive opportunity in front of you, GRAB IT! And THAT will definitely give a great, yet comforting kick-start to 2013! Yeah, baby!

FHM calendar girl 2013 february

February 2013 is gonna be a hot month as the nation celebrates Chinese New Year together. With the firecrackers and all, it’s gonna be sizzling hot!

FHM calendar girl 2013 march

March 2013 is the time to look good as there will be Good Friday. So we should all put on our goody white outfit as it’s still too young early to do anything drastic and outrageous.

FHM calendar girl 2013 april

In April 2013, it’s gonna be a boring month with only holidays for certain states. It’s so boring that I wouldn’t even be interested to find out what the month is hiding underneath.

FHM calendar girl 2013 may

Fortunately, May 2013 is an exciting month! It’s time to stay actively fit as there will be Labour Day and Wesak Day! Rock that body and enjoy the nationwide holidays!

FHM calendar girl 2013 june

June 2013 is an important month as we celebrate the Agong’s Birthday. So crack a smile, and remember – yellow is the royal colour of Malaysia.

FHM calendar girl 2013 july

In July 2013, it’s most definitely a WOW month. You know why? It’s because my birthday falls in this wonderful month.

Despite being officially older by a year, it’s never too late to drink more milk for healthier bones! I LAIKE MILK. ;)

FHM calendar girl 2013 july

Oh by the way, thanks to this calendar I found out that my birthday falls on the Wednesday in July 2013! Milk Mark that down on your calendars alright!

FHM calendar girl 2013 august

August 2013 marks another year of independence for our country. Be reminded to be patriotic as we celebration the National Day. So show off what you’ve got, and don’t be shy with your assets!

FHM calendar girl 2013 september

September 2013 isn’t a month for romantic love, but you can show your love for the country (again) during Malaysia Day.

FHM calendar girl 2013 october

In October 2013, it’s gonna be another boring month with nothing much to experience and see. There are holidays here and there but you won’t get to see the full picture.

FHM calendar girl 2013 november

As November 2013 signals a near end to the year, it’s time to close up some of the things we left exposed. Remember the resolutions you’ve made at the start of the year? Yeah, buckle them up!

FHM calendar girl 2013 december

Finally, December 2013 marks the last month of the year. It has been a long year… So long that you’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of the long year, if you had a pair of it good year, of course.

So we’re done browsing through the months of 2013. Somehow it feels like it’s the end of 2013 already and I’m looking forward to year 2014.

Oh wait, what day is it today, again? Let me check…

FHM calendar 2013 check

Hmm… Okay, got it! It’s still January 2013.

For one moment I thought time flew by so quickly. Phew, must be due to the sudden gush of excitement earlier. Heh!

So, which month is your favourite? ;)

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