Managing Stakeholders Like A Boss

Managing Stakeholders Like A Boss

Every now and then, we’re bound to manage people, directly and indirectly. Either way, your communication capabilities depend on people management.

Let’s take work as an example. We deal with our bosses and colleagues in order to complete the daily tasks. They’re our stakeholders, and it’s important to manage them properly. No matter how good you are at performing your tasks, you won’t achieve much if you don’t manage your rapport at office.

Of course, there are some techniques to manage people at work. You might have the knowledge and hard skills, but there are times that soft skills come in handy. To illustrate further, check out this video project by Taylor’s Business School’s students…

Pretty interesting, right? That’s how you manage a raging boss, and I surely have learned a trick or two when it comes to handling my boss, like a boss! ;)

Here’s another “Like A Boss” video project by the students of Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts. This is a bunch of young and passionate people running a hotel with fun, joy and most importantly, a level of service that never fails to surprise their guests!

Well, don’t you wish that your hotel check-ins are as fun as this? I bet you do!

Anyway, I gotta commend Taylor’s for supporting the creativity of its students by collaborating with them on the production of these videos. Remember, always manage people like a boss! :)

Oh by the way, after watching the videos above, I decided to come up with a “Like A Boss” version of my own. Here’s a sneak peak…

Since I can’t possibly shoot videos at my office, the video would be much closer to home – Managing Your Dad Like A Boss. Watch it!

What do you think? Worthy of a production to kick-start kenwooiTV on YouTube? ;)

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  1. Manager now, eh? Ya, there are good managers and bad ones…must be able to handle people well – win their hearts and they’re yours to lead…and they will follow. Belated New Year greetings…all the best in the year ahead.

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