The Best of Samsung GALAXY Camera

The Best of Samsung GALAXY Camera

Photography is one of the many popular hobbies nowadays. Everyone owns a compact camera or a DSLR to capture photos; quality photos to be exact.

photographer cameras

Besides that, sharing photos on-the-go is a popular trend. With a smart phone in hand, photos taken from the phone’s camera is shared almost immediately on the Internet. However, the quality of the photos may not be as good as the ones taken from an actual camera.

So if you were to combine the hobby and the trend, you’ll definitely need a device that incorporates the best of both worlds – and that’s when the Samsung GALAXY Camera comes into the picture!

samsung galaxy camera front

I’ve been using the GALAXY Camera for a while, and my, it’s one of the coolest devices that I’ve used so far. It’s practically a full-fledged camera on one side, and a full-fledged Android Jelly Bean on the other.

With its 21x optical zoom, it can zoom from quite a distance while retaining the quality of the photos.

samsung galaxy camera lens

Most compact cameras have digital zoom, which reduces the image quality. Honestly, it makes me feel like a stalker when I use the maximized zoom feature. ;)

Since I’m not a fan of configuring the camera modes, the GALAXY Camera’s Smart Pro Mode allows me to achieve the ideal photography settings automatically.

samsung galaxy camera auto

So it’s just a matter of pressing the shutter button, and I’m done snapping a photo!

Another cool feature about the camera is the Voice Control. Voice commands can be used to control the camera without even touching the camera.

samsung galaxy camera voice

Believe it or not, you can zoom in and out, set timer, take a photo, and many more – by just uttering the voice commands listed.

With its 4.8″ super clear touch-screen, the display is vibrant and lively – especially when viewing the photos on the screen.

samsung galaxy camera screen

Anyway, since I’m not a smart phone user till today, this device allows me to do what every smart phone users can do – surf the Internet!

With its Android operating system, the GALAXY Camera functions like a smart device. 3G and WiFi connectivity are available. Therefore, photos taken can be shared instantly on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more – you name it!

samsung galaxy camera instagram

In fact, my Instagram account has been more active ever since I have the GALAXY Camera. Follow me? ;)

As for the design of the camera, it may be a little heavy as compared to most of the compact cameras out there. But I always believe that the additional weight will produce stable photos – just like how big and heavy a DLSR is. Also, a fully-charged unit can last for a day of moderate usage.

So to summarize, I can share my moments with the GALAXY Camera, and know what? My photos are actually on This is My Moment, LIVE website, a photo-sharing social website created by Samsung.

samsung this is my moment

So if I could capture every moment in my life in vivid detail and share it instantly, it surely IS the best thing technology has to offer. And that’s what the GALAXY Camera offers us – to share our moments, LIVE, with the people close to us.

I’m definitely having a good time with it! ;)

P/S: The retail price is RM1899.

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  1. i personally think it’s pretty convenient to have this if you are into social sharing but I’m quite sure that this is not pocketable enough and quite pricy too. It doesn’t come with a WIFI only version and somehow I think that this camera was not being able to market in a much lower price…

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