Teenagers Say the Darndest Things

Teenagers Say the Darndest Things

I used to be a teenager, but that was years ago. Damn, I sound old.

Sometimes I wonder what was my mind up to when I was at a “teen” age. Did I say things that seemed naive? Or did I make statements that were impractical?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any trails that could lead me back to that – unlike this particular “campus interview” section I read on a magazine.

interview paper

In that section of the magazine, it highlights tertiary-level students’ responses from 2 simple questions…

student interview

The first – Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And the second – How long until you’ve earned your first RM1 million, and why?

Frankly, it sounds easy to answer. But as I read through, I was taken by surprise by the answers given.

Here are some responses, and of course, my personal opinions…

student interview 1

Choong sees herself living in Korea and dating a K-Pop star in 10 years time. Nice, but why would a K-Pop star date you in the first place? Hmm? Anyway, I wish you all the best.

Teenagers say the darndest things? Checked!

student interview 2

Here’s another response related to living in Korea by Soh. That’s fine, but on an unrelated note – I guess the Korean frenzy has impressed and influenced youngsters’ mind nowadays.

Anyway, earning your first RM1 million in 3 years with that “buy all the things I want” habit? I definitely have second thoughts about that statement.

Teenagers say the darndest things? Checked, again!

student interview 3

Chong says that in 10 years, he’ll be shaking leg at home and waiting for the money to roll in, every second. Are you serious? Successful people still work their ass off even when they’re already earning big, you know?

RM1 million may seem small to you. But wait till you earn an average (realistically) salary, you’ll see how long it actually takes to earn that first million.

Teenagers say the darndest things? Absolutely checked!

student interview 4

Lim sees himself living in a bungalow and driving a Bugatti in 10 years. Now THAT is a massive vision. I think it’s achievable if your dad is a rich tycoon. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll be struggling to look for a decent house and driving a Myvi.

And RM1 million in 6 years because you’re confident? I hope that’s not a misplaced confidence.

Teenagers say the darndest things? Need I say more? I bet they’d go…

dafuq meme

…when they recall back what they’ve said many years later.

Perhaps if I were to be asked these questions when I was their age, I could have answered this…

student interview 5

Let’s see… 6 years down the road, I’m definitely not living in a house designed by myself. Even the house room that I’m living in doesn’t have everything that I want…

single green bed

Just look, where is my King Size Bed? No where.

And my dream of being a shopaholic came tumbling down when I realized that my salary can’t sustain the “love to shop and splurge” habit.

wallet no money

Money is never enough. Well, that sucks.

Teenagers say the darndest things? Oh, whatever…

8 thoughts on “Teenagers Say the Darndest Things

  1. Well if I’m at their age now, I might probably said the darndest things as well. People don’t really get mature by adding the numbers to their age. We get mature by experiencing it. You will never know how BIG the RM1mil is. Until the day you start earning the money bit by bit. Am I right? ^.^

  2. Yep,teenagers say the darndest things but it’s their privilege. They are so young and naive.Firstly, I will NEVER see myself earning RM1M but I’ll probably be able to spend RM1M. And I’ll still see myself enjoying food in 10 years time….Yep,I do say the not-so darndest things..

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