My Shoes Grew Old

My Shoes Grew Old

Back in early 2010, I bought myself a brand new pair of shoes. It was a beautiful white pair of Lonsdale shoes from UK.

lonsdale shoes

I bought it because it has the sporty yet casual style – suitable to be worn for informal outings.

Since then, it was my one and only pair of shoes whenever I step out from the house. It’s cool, and I had no complains over it.

But years gone by, 3 years to be exact, and this is how the shoes look like now…

lonsdale old shoes

Oh my, it has wrinkled and definitely got dirty.

“Ken, you surely didn’t wash it lah!”

Hey, what do you mean by didn’t wash? I did… like once? Or maybe twice?

lonsdale shoes upclose

Anyway, as I look back at the baby photos of the shoes. I can’t help but to say… my shoes grew old.

Well, it definitely did! Look at all the wear and tear…

lonsdale old shoes upclose

The damage is perfectly natural and inevitable, as any pair of shoes would experience the same. The process is quicker especially when you only have a pair of shoes at your disposal.

You know what, I like how new shoes look like when they’re just purchased.

lonsdale shoes side

All smooth and clean. So comfortable and durable.

lonsdale old shoes side

But then again, it has walked a thousand miles. Or maybe more, I don’t count my steps. DUH!

Therefore, the misery of Lonsdale must end. Hence, I got myself a new pair of shoes!

clarks shoe box

From Clarks, it is!

Well, look at the type of choice this time, I guess maturity must have kicked in 3 years later as it’s more… simple-looking. Nothing sporty, nothing fancy, just plain… simple.

But nice, as always…

clarks mask flow graphite

So, this is one of the baby photos for Clarks. Let’s see what happens to it 3 years later. Heh.

At the meantime…

lonsdale in basket

AdiĆ³s Amigo, Lonsdale!

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