My Awesome Business Card

My Awesome Business Card

Business cards are awesome. It’s like bringing along the identity of your brand wherever you are. Therefore, it’s useful to have a business card when you meet people of the same clique.

Back then when I started to meet bloggers or PR personnel, the phrase “Sorry, I don’t have one” was always uttered when I receive a business card.

awesome namecard

That feeling of not being able to give my own business card… sucks. Not awesome at all.

So, with much determination, I decided to come up with some card designs that would match’s brand. It has to consist of the orange element!

As a result, this was my first ‘experiment’ I came up with…

orange namecard design

I thought it was super cool. So orange, it has got to be the best design… ever! But when I asked for opinions, some said it’s too orange.

Some even said it’s a noob design. What?!

“Giving up” wasn’t in my dictionary, so I re-designed it to make it less orange, and less noob as well…

white orange namecard design

Once again, I thought it was brilliant masterpiece. It must a genius’ creativity at its best, but one of the feedback I got was… “Ken, please stop hurting my eyes”.


Oh well, despite feeling slightly dejected, I know designing ain’t my forte. That’s when I decided to engage Occam Studios to be creative for me!

occam studios namecard

Occam Studios’ core business is helping businesses market their brand through their skills in multimedia design – ranging from Graphic, Photography and Web. This time around, they’re gonna design a business card for!

After a few discussions and a couple of drafts, we finally agreed on the design.


namecard for blog

I must say, I wouldn’t have produced such a design on my own. According to Aaron (the boss), the orange speech bubbles represent the ‘fun’ topics I write on my orange blog. What a concept!

Ever since I got my business cards, I no longer feel awkward during a card exchange session. Some even commented that they think the card is nicely done. ;)

Now I can proudly say that has an awesome business card. Do you want a piece?

kenwooi namecard

Just ask if you see me! :D

Oh by the way, you should really check out Occam Studios if you just started your own company, or you wish to refresh your brand. Basically, any businesses that need these assistance.

You can visit Occam Studios’ website and Facebook page, or contact Aaron at email[at]occamstudios[dot]com or +6016-2510707 to find out more. Just quote “” ya! ;)

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  1. The third one certainly better than the 1st two……..second one looks so Ah Beng la…..

    ahem ahem….this AAron connected to U-mobile ka? sorta reminds me of U-Mobile logo

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