myBurgerLab Burger Meal

myBurgerLab Burger Meal

myBurgerLab, a burger outlet at Seapark, has been making a-bun-dant waves all over the Internet. I like burgers, and when there are good burgers out there, I would give it a try.

So, when I first heard about myBurgerLab, I naturally wanted to give the well-known burgers a try.


Once there, the queue was unexpectedly long…

myburgerlab queue

As you can see, the queue is from the counter till the entrance of the outlet. Except at Sushi Zanmai, it’s quite rare to see people queuing for food.

So what does myBurgerLab offer that enables them to attract such consumer behaviour? Is it because of the charcoal bun, or is it because of the unique menu?

myburgerlab menu

To be frank, the price is pretty much on the high-end. Each burger (a la carte) costs more than RM10, and the exquisite ones are close to RM20.

After placing my order, the wait commenced.

myburgerlab crowd

Just look at how crowded myBurgerLab is. The queue doesn’t stop!

Anyway, we didn’t wait for long since they have sufficient kitchen staffs preparing the burgers. The supply-demand management is excellent.

myburgerlab meal

The concept of serving burgers with charcoal buns is a distinctive concept – it should be healthier, right? Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s slightly expensive as well.

myburgerlab fries

Here’s the plate of “Awesome Fries” – that’s what they wrote on the menu board. It’s actually Cajun Fries – pretty good!

This was my order…

myburgerlab burger

It’s called the “Beautiful Mess” – beef, portabella mushroom, mozzarella cheese, sunny side up and anything else that I’m clueless of in between the buns.

Well, the burger sure looks beautifully tasty, but there’s always an issue I face when it comes to eating burgers with multiple layers of patties…

myburgerlab eat

I look like a dinosaur when I try to take a large bite out of the burger! Rawr!!!

Anyway, it was a good experience dining there. The burgers are worth trying out, and the service is commendable, especially when dealing with a large crowd of customer.

Now, I think I deserve a free burger from myBurgerLab. Can? Kthxbai!

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  1. Haha! Same problem to me when eating a burger. Problem is, burgers seem to compete in increasing their sizes hence more troublesome to eat. I did go there and tried one of their many burgers. We had to wait for more than an hour. In fact they asked us to take a walk around the area before returning one hour later. I would say it was worth the wait. And yes, their service is quite excellent too. Now can I get a free burger too? LOL

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