My Love For Sushi Zanmai

My Love For Sushi Zanmai

Whenever I have the opportunity to select what I wanna eat, “Sushi Zanmai” comes to mind without a thought. Well, it’s surely one of my favourite places to dine at.

sushi zanmai

I can’t remember how and when did this “craze” towards Sushi Zanmai came about. It must be a Japanese mystery.

Anyway, it’s not just me – this mystery has infected quite a number of people already…

sushi zanmai queue

To be frank, I don’t like queueing, but I don’t mind doing so for a table at Sushi Zanmai. It’s always worth the wait.

Personally, I believe that some of Sushi Zanmai’s dishes made me a loyal returning customer. One of them is the Tamago Mentai…

sushi zanmai tamago mentai

It may look simple, but it tastes really good! *inserts bombastic gastronomical descriptions of the Tamago Mentai*

Another super favourite of mine is definitely the Mentaiko Sipder Roll…

sushi zanmai mentaiko spider roll

Ahhhh… irresistible! The combination of all the ingredients used to prepare it is just fantastic! So heavenly and orgasmic. It’s always on my MUST-ORDER list every time I dine at Sushi Zanmai.

I tell you… NO journey to Sushi Zanmai is complete without savouring the Mentaiko Spider Roll. I kid you not.

To prove to you, let me “SHOW” you how delicious the Mentaiko Spider Roll is…

sushi zanmai fan

First, I take a piece.

sushi zanmai fan

Then, I put the whole piece into my mouth.

sushi zanmai fan

After that, I start to chew and within seconds, the orgasmic sensation KICKS in! Hee-yahh!

sushi zanmai fan

Oh, it’s coming! Oohhh… Ahh… Yummms!

sushi zanmai fan delicious

Oh my! This Mentaiko Spider Roll is damn! My taste buds feel like paradise as the sensation sends shock waves throughout my senses!

Seriously, that’s how I feel. It’s like the most wonderful feeling, ever! Being able to eat such tasty food is always a fantasy come true!

But you know what else I feel after eating it? I feel like… I’m… Spiderman!

sushi zanmai fan cool

After all, it’s called Mentaiko Spider Roll what. Heh.

Okay, not funny. Anyhow, I love Sushi Zanmai. Kthxbai!

12 thoughts on “My Love For Sushi Zanmai

    1. Pasta Zanmai not so long queue, it’s a cult phenomenon of Sushi Zanmai. I personally prefer Sushi Tei among all :P

  1. I always confuse myself with Sushi Zanmai and Pasta Zanmai! The sushi shop always has the long queue right? Not sure why but I didn’t really like it the last time I visited.. but of course, I didn’t have your Mentaiko SPIDER roll la :P

  2. Thank you for dining at Sushi Zanmai. ^^ We loved your blog post and decided to share it on our Facebook page. Hope to serve you again soon.

    Warm regards, Management of Super Sushi

  3. Agree!!!!! Loves sushi zanmai!! I think it’s considered cheaper somehow compared to sushi king as the portion is larger compared to it. Affordable price too!

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