Minor Road Accident

Minor Road Accident

Quite recently I met with a road accident. It happened right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur during rush hour – everyone was heading home from work.

As usual, the roads were jammed up and cars bumper-to-bumper.

kl traffic jam

That’s when a car at the back bumped into my car’s bumper. Ouch!

DAMAGE: Bumper slid off from its position – and a dent joined the fun too. WHAT A BUMMER!

minor car accident

So the next day, I had to get it fixed. Sent a text message to boss stating that my car needs to be fixed due to a minor accident yesterday, and I’ll be working from the workshop.

The boss replied “OK”.

Since the work laptop was with me actually… I was quite lazy to work but having told my boss that I’ll be working off-site, I started browsing through emails and making calls to the office to ensure that a project is being monitored closely.

red traffic light

During a phone conversation, I told my colleague that my car needs to be fixed due to a minor accident yesterday.

In fact, that same explanation occurred a couple of times whenever I speak to different colleagues.

road fork sign

Long story short, at the end of the day I got text messages from other colleagues asking me this question…

“Hey bro, everyone is concern about you leh. You fine or not?”

Huhh? I thought I said it’s the CAR that needs some fixing. Not me leh


Know what, it’s amusing how a simple message got misinterpreted from its intended meaning. ;)

After all, how major could a minor accident be? Don’t wanna imagine!

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  1. wei…dont frus la bro….they concern about u mah……people hear the wor “accident” will think bad things leh though u say minor….sure ask u fine or not la

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