Namsan Guest House, Seoul

Namsan Guest House, Seoul

When the flight tickets to Seoul was purchased, another important component of a trip was accommodation – we need a place to stay when we travel to Seoul.

Mind you, hotels in Seoul can be rather expensive – if you’re traveling on a budget. So we opted to search for guest houses as they’re considerably cheaper. After searching high and low for a guest house, we found one – Nansam Guest House.

Quick Review: Pleasant stay at Namsan Guest House 3. A simple place to rest and sleep, and the room is comfortable. Friendly and welcoming staffs.

namsan guest house room key

Before settling for Namsan Guest House, there were a few choices to choose from, namely Seoul Backpackers, K-Pop Hostel and Kimchee Guest House – to name a few. In fact, there are many guest houses in Seoul.

However, reading up Internet reviews made Nansam Guest House our number 1 choice – and we’re very glad that we chose this guest house.

Travel Tip: For those interested in staying in guest houses in Seoul, you need to check the room availability via e-mail, and once confirmed by the staff, just perform periodic confirmation of the room – even till a day before you travel. There’s no payment needed over the Internet, just pay cash up front when you step into the guest house on your arrival day. :)

seoul myeongdong station

To get to Namsan Guest House, we traveled from Incheon International Airport via the Airport Railroad (AREX) to Seoul Station, then board Seoul Subway Line 4 to Myeong-dong station and exit on Exit 3.

After stepping out from the subway station, it was the first glance of the city. Breezy air and cooling temperature, it was definitely an exciting moment!

To proceed to Namsan Guest House, we walked towards the direction where Pacific Hotel is located – take the right road as you reach Pacific Hotel.

seoul pacific hotel

The distance from Myeong-dong subway station to Namsan Guest House is practically near. Like I said earlier, it was such a convenience.

Namsan Guest House has 3 guest houses – 1, 2 and 3. Namsan Guest House 2 and 3 are located just behind Pacific Hotel, while Namsan Guest House 1 is further up the hill – it’s uphill because Namsan Mountain is close-by and the N Seoul Tower is at its summit.

We stayed in Namsan Guest House 3 – the closest to Myeong-dong station compared to 1 and 2.

namsan guest house gate

This is the entrance to Namsan Guest House 3 – it’s a 5-storey building by its own.

Upon check-in, we were brought to our room at Level 4. The hallway corridor looks like a hostel.

namsan guest house hallway

Nevertheless, we felt like home almost instantly – thanks to the friendly and welcoming staffs.

At KRW60,000 (RM171.00) per night for 2 people, this is the “Twin Room” in Namsan Guest House 3…

namsan guest house bed

Equipped with 2 single thin mattresses with a pillow and comforter each, it’s definitely sufficient for a good night sleep – especially when we’re back after a tiring day of walking and sight-seeing.

Besides that, there’s flat-screen TV with more than 50 channels – normally I’d watch the ones in English. :)

namsan guest house room

Also, basic toiletries are available such as tissue paper, body soap and toothpaste. Not forgetting a hair-dryer too! Towels can be changed everyday as well.

Here’s the attached toilet in the room.

namsan guest house toilet

Everything looks clean, that’s the positive point about staying at Namsan Guest House 3. Water taps and showers dispense both hot and cold water – we normally use the hot water. :)

By the way, here’s the view outside the room’s window – the N Seoul Tower is just there!

namsan guest house view

At the basement of the building, there’s a community area for guests to gather – normally to have breakfast or any meals.

namsan guest house area

Within the community area there’s a kitchen where guests can prepare or cook their own food anytime.

Guests can even purchase groceries and keep them in the fridge with sticker label indicators – really convenient for those who bought food to be kept overnight.

Furthermore, Namsan Guest House provides simple breakfast.

namsan guest house bread

There are coffee and tea, and also slices of bread with butter and various jam – toasters are available for toasting bread as well.

Even unlimited instant cup Ramen noodles are the menu. This allowed us to save on our travel expenses in Seoul.

namsan guest house breakfast

Basically it’s the same breakfast (and occasionally supper) every day for us, but it’s totally fine since they’re included as part of the accommodation fees. :)

Besides the food, computers are available at the community area for free Internet surfing.

namsan guest house computer

Guests can use the computers whenever they want, or if they have mobile devices, wireless WiFi is provided throughout the building.

At the highest floor, there’s a rooftop garden.

namsan guest house rooftop

Nansam Guest House 3 normally organizes gatherings for the guests up here, or also at Namsan Guest House 1 or 2. You can even hang your clothes here if you do laundry.

If you’re not traveling far, the closest spot to visit has to be the Myeong-dong Market. By night, it’s a shopping district with countless shops and restaurants.

seoul myeongdong night market

You are able get almost anything at the market – especially souvenirs for your family and friends back in hometown. It’s normally crowded during the night, even during weekdays.

As the night sets in Myeong-dong, we usually stay in and get some rest.

But on one night, I was surfing the channels on the TV – suddenly a scene captured my attention. Look… WHAT IS THAT?!

namsan guest house tv show

What are the naked man and lady doing on TV? And… why is she sitting on top of the man and shaking vigorously? o.O

Hmm… know what, I’m totally clueless up till today. Anyone care to explain this peculiar and extraordinary human trait? I’ve never seen such show on TV before. :/

Anyway, it was definitely a pleasant stay at Namsan Guest House 3 during our stay in Seoul, Korea. Even though it’s just a place to rest and sleep, coming back to a comfortable room every day is delightful.

namsan guest house kenwooi

So yeah, was there! I’ll definitely be back when I visit Seoul again. :)

For more info, check out Namsan Guest House’s website.

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  1. I can’t really tell what the couples were doing in TV. Would you please post a few more photos for me to have a closer look? :-) You must have stayed in “Hamsan” Guest House LOL.

  2. I did blogged about this guesthouse as well cause two of my travelmates stayed all the three Namsan guesthouses. Hahaha.. My friends and I also saw those type tv programme upon arrived on the first day and we were so shocked. Never thought Korean tv programme no censor one oh…

  3. wow. Didn’t know S.Korea has now liberated that much. I thought they were all still shy2x one. :-D Anyway, nice Guest house you stayed there. But that gym thing seems quite out of place to be in the kitchen like that. Ewww :-D

  4. XD why i didn’t have that on my tv?!!!
    i also consider this hostel before but end up staying in hongik area, nice area for youngster. =D

  5. I stayed in Namsan 2 (if not mistaken). The one located VERY near the subway. Went there last March while it’s still freezing. Gosh I wanna go back there again!

    1. Hi Cate, there’s no booking fee / deposit required. After booking online, final confirmation (via email) is needed prior to the visit and full payment upon arrival. I didn’t pay extra throughout my stay. :)

  6. Hi Ken,

    May I know the total fare cost for AEX to Seoul station then subway to Myeong-Dong station per person? TQ.

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