Souvenirs from Korea

Souvenirs from Korea

To many, souvenirs are a form of saying “I’ve been there!” when they travel to another country. As for myself, I’m not a big fan of buying souvenirs.

However, due to demand for souvenirs from people back at home – it has to be done, right? So when I traveled to Seoul, I had to do did some souvenir shopping.

korea souvenir socks

Well, there are quite a variety of souvenirs to choose from here in Korea.

To look for souvenirs, the most convenient spots are at the street markets, such as Myeong-dong Market and Insa-dong Market.

korea souvenir display

Already had souvenirs from Korea to buy in your mind? Check coupons and vouchers for those Korean souvenirs here!

From kitchen utensils to handbags, apparels to beauty products – there are so many to choose from. Street markets are definitely great places for tourists to purchase some souvenirs.

Most of the souvenirs have a touch of the local culture. They symbolize the strong Korean tradition that has been preserved for generations.

korea souvenir cultural

On the other hand, there are also modern souvenirs – such as Hello Kitty. Know what, you can practically see Hello Kitty stuff at every corner of the city. It’s even available at the Hello Kitty Cafes.

I don’t know what’s the fuss about Hello Kitty. Cute? Perhaps.

korea souvenir hello kitty

By the way, you may think that there would be loads of Psy or Gangnam Style souvenirs in Korea since it’s a worldwide hit – but I somehow didn’t notice much of them.

Hello Kitty still rulez in Korea.

Besides that, facial masks are quite popular as well.

korea souvenir facial mask

Apparently they’re very cheap in Korea, and yes indeed – they’re so much cheaper than the ones sold in Malaysia. A pack in Korea costs KRW1,000 (RM2.85), while the same exact pack in Malaysia costs RM6.00.

No wonder facial masks are selling like hot cakes in Korea.

korea souvenir price

Anyway, souvenirs in Korea, or Seoul in particular, is quite affordable if you allocate the budget for it. The souvenirs may cost as low as KRW1,000 (RM2.85) and up to KRW20,000 (RM57.00).

Well, there are certainly souvenirs that cost higher for the wealthy travelers. But if you’re a budget traveler, better stay cheap.

korea shopping

At the end of the day, shopping for souvenirs seem quite fun after all – especially when we went from store to store to search for gifts, and bargaining for a better price.

Oh no, ‘bargaining’ doesn’t work most of the time because the most common reply we receive is “Very cheap!”.

travel luggage

So, what souvenirs did we get from the trip to Seoul?

Here they are…

korea souvenirs

TOTAL DAMAGE: KRW373,900 (RM1,065.62) for all these souvenirs from Seoul, Korea.

If you’re wondering – yes, I keep track of our traveling expenses at Seoul. It’s a habit.

Let’s see some of the interesting stuffs that we brought home to Malaysia…

korea souvenir seaweed

Packets of seaweeds. They’re quite delicious and I finished 1 whole pack (28 sachets) within a week. Sure wish I had bought more seaweeds.

korea starbucks tumbler

Starbucks tumblers from Korea. One costs about KRW15,000 (RM42.75) and they come with a complimentary beverage each.

korea souvenir mini badge

Mini pin badges bought from N Seoul Tower. Simple and suitable to be given to kids – they can pin it onto their bags or wherever they like.

korea souvenir fridge magnet

Fridge magnets. It’s the most common souvenir to buy from any country. These magnets make fridges look like they traveled the world more than anyone else.

korea souvenir handbag

Handbags for the ladies. Definitely not branded ones as they cost at most KRW20,000 (RM57.00). Quite stylish, I must say.

korea souvenir i love korea

“I Love Korea” shirt. This is another common souvenir – every part of the world definitely has its own “I Love The City” version. In fact, the clothes here in Korea are pretty cheap and affordable.

Since I’m also not a fan of buying clothes… I didn’t buy any fancy clothes. Yeah, so obvious.

But hey, if I like buying clothes, I’d SO walk into this store and purchase some interesting clothes!

korea sexy cookie

Yeah… Sexy Cookie! Sounds delicious! ;)

Oh wait a minute, I don’t think I can. Crap!

22 thoughts on “Souvenirs from Korea

  1. Rm1k wor… much..

    Salute you guys for able to stuff everything so neatly in the luggage.

    Hey the 3rd pic…friend bought one of those bookmark for me from korea. The second from the left…blue n red figures.

  2. Hi Ken. How much is the approximate expenses needed if I would like to visit Korea for a week or two? Cuz i heard that going to Korea is quite pricey, which is around about RM4000-5000 right? Thanks! (cuz I’m doing my research for a trip I am planning to have in 2 years time. :) )Thanks!

    1. We (2 of us) spent about RM5000 for the 6D5N trip, inclusive of return flight and accommodation at Namsan Guest House. So 2 weeks could cost RM10000 for two individuals. Well, it depends on how thrifty you are. ;)

      Will blog about my expenses in Seoul soon. Stay tuned!

  3. So… any souvenir for me? :p hahaha! but, u really spent a lot on souvenirs ler! lol! i never spent dat much before on souvenirs! >.< Or because my bargain skill better than urs?! :p HAHAHAH

  4. My most memorable and useful souvenir from Seoul was the stainless steel chopstick and long spoon! We bought 2 sets of those and are still using them til this day. Very good value! hehe

  5. wow.. u bought more than me! i mainly purchase food souvenir.. did u try market-o chocolate brownie? i bought those for friends. seldom buy souvenir..

  6. I always buy practical souvenir for my friends and relatives. No key chain and fridge magnet. I have thrown the keychains countless time from my drawer. Keys is already heavy. It is really not serving the purpose to add weight on your pocket by adding the key chain.

    1. Hi Shafeeza, it’s actually a small pouch, which can be used to store things – for instance, a phone! We found it at a souvenir store at Myeong-dong. :)

  7. Hi,

    Chance upon your blog when I was researching on what souvenirs to get in Seoul. Can I asked where did you buy those fridge magnets? They looked so nice for gifts.

  8. I want to know how much these items cost, and how much keychains cost, but I love these! (I’m going to Korea in 8 months, I know, it’s a long time away, but I’m so excited! I already have plans!)

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