Expensive Haircut at Atmosphere Hair Saloon

Expensive Haircut at Atmosphere Hair Saloon

To be honest, I’ve never been to a “high-class” hair saloon for a haircut in my entire life. Yes, I’m not exaggerating.

In fact, I don’t even see the need for a “high-class” (which is usually expensive) haircut when there are affordable options out there. Normally I get my haircut whenever I’m back in Ipoh – just RM13 per haircut. SO CHEAP!

However, that “never-gone-to-high-class-hair-saloon” streak came to end when I visited Atmosphere Hair Saloon at Publika over the weekend…

atmosphere hair saloon

But the other streak, which is the “cheapskate” streak, didn’t come to an end because I have complimentary cash vouchers. Heh…

atmosphere cash voucher

It’s free what – so just get a free haircut lah, right? ;)

Even though it was my first time here, I wasn’t worried whether they could be ‘trusted’ or not – you know, ‘cus majority of the people definitely have a saloon that they trust.

atmosphere hair saloon interior

But since it’s gonna be an expensive haircut, I have faith that the outcome would be acceptable and… hopefully cool too!

Without further ado, let’s proceed to my most expensive haircut ever…!

haircut mirror

For your information, I don’t get a haircut on a frequent basis – usually once every 2 months plus. Therefore, my hair is always long when I visit the saloon, and I’ll tell them to cut it short.

Anyway, this is the haircutter hairstylist who attended to my hair the other day…

haircut clips

What’s her name ah? Yokoyoko?

I don’t know. But Yokoyoko sounds suitable for her. ;)

Anyway, throughout the session, there were several hair clips attached to my hair. It made me feel like a woman – femininity overdose! I still came out manly though!

haircut funny

I looked like an Ah Beng with that fringe. So… weird, and nerdy.

About 15 minutes or so, my haircut was finally done! This is me with my freshly-cut hair and without glasses.

haircut short

Handsome or not?

After that, Yokoyoko applied some gel/wax/mousse/whatever on my hair, and I transformed… into Ultraman!

haircut hairstyle

So, what do you think of my expensive RM35 haircut?

P/S: Yes, RM35 for a haircut is damn expensive for me! More cash vouchers please?

11 thoughts on “Expensive Haircut at Atmosphere Hair Saloon

  1. Actually rm35 is quite standard unless u go for those RM15 fast cut which is more suitable for those who doesn’t care much about style and just want to keep their hair short. U got the good boy look now! :P

  2. the last photo , you look like still in secondary school la…aiyo….

    RM35 kira okay lor….some i read one trim and wash already reached RM100+ *pengsan*

  3. Hi Kenwooi, how are you? I’m back from a long hiatus from blogging.
    I always go for haircut not more than RM 10. But when I was in Australia, haircut very pricey. I never go for haircut in my university because it was darn expensive at 28 AUD (ouch my wallet hurts!). Fortunately there are 10 AUD haircuts in the city!

  4. leng cai :) .. 35 only ar hahaha.
    try going for those senior hairstylists, or professional hairstylists, RM50 also considered cheap.. not that I go though.

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