Sexy Tips For Wearing Lingerie

Sexy Tips For Wearing Lingerie

Lingerie shopping is one of the most fun kinds of shopping on the planet – especially for the ladies, and perhaps… some men. There are tons of options, and while they won’t all work, it can be just as fun for the ladies to try out those that may not be suitable.

But it’s not just fun, it’s useful. As with any other clothes, ladies have to learn which lingerie works with their body and develop the style that’s most flattering to and expressive of them.

bra hanging

So… how do ladies achieve that? Well, is giving you ladies some tips for wearing lingerie! ;)

First and foremost, try on everything!

Even if you can’t ever see yourself wearing something, it’s worth trying it on for a couple of reasons. First of all, even if something is unappealing to you, there are only so many different cuts and styles of lingerie, especially when it comes to bras.

sexy white bra

Even if you dislike the way something looks, you might find that the particular cut makes your body look hotter than anything you’ve ever seen. So try on a lot of things. Then, ask a lot of questions about these styles to learn the terminology of what you like.

Once you know which type bras look best for you, you can seek that style out online at boutiques like Heiress Schaefer, which tend to have a much more diverse and exciting stock.

Secondly, wear thigh highs!

lingerie stockings

Thigh highs are commonly known as stockings. It’s a whole art to excusing yourself to look graceful yet sexy, but if you like the moment to be a little more spontaneous you’ll need to find a way to make it work with your usual clothes. One way in particular that’s really easy to pull off is with a dress.

Last but not least, make it about you!

If there’s one single tip that matters the most when you’re picking out lingerie to wear, it’s this – you need to wear lingerie because you like it. A lot of women wear lingerie with the intention of gaining attention.

One example is by wearing semi-transparent clothes with dark colored bra…

semi transparent top black bra

I guarantee you that if this is your main motivation, you’re getting the wrong attention, like you’re in some kind of costume. On the other hand, if you’re wearing lingerie because you like it and it makes you feel hot, you’re going to feel sexy, powerful, and in control of the situation.

wear bra strap

There’s no reason to flaunt it off unnecessarily. Inner wear brings outer confidence. ;)

So learn your style, and always remember that the most important part of wearing lingerie is how it makes you feel. Not how others feel about it.

martina valkova thigh highs

If you feel happy, everyone else will feel happy too! ;)

Alright, since we’re done with the tips, I’ll now give you a simple and quick demonstration on how to wear a lingerie, particular the bra.

First, you pick a bra…

boy with bra

Ensure that the bra is a proper fit and comfortable. The color doesn’t matter, but if you’re interested to know… black bra means sexy.

Secondly, you wear it on…

boy play with bra

Oh yeah! Kthxbai!

By the way, when it’s about lingerie, boobs come into the picture as well – and know what, boobs are good for men! :D

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